Various and Sunday

I enhanced the word “TOY” as it was quite blurry, although still somewhat legible.

Today I was doing things around town and thinking size thoughts with all the strength in my giant heart when I saw the car in the image above. The license plate was “TOY-####”, which instantly made me tingle with predatory hunger. The car in itself didn’t mean anything, nor did the driver, whom I never saw. What’s important is that I imagined myself in a situation where the driver of that car is someone I want to shrink, the one person I want to shrink, in fact.

I knew, at that moment, that I would have turned right, parked my car to block TOY-####’s path, and I would have shot the driver straight in the chest with my shrink ray. Would I have cared that there was traffic all around us? No. What about witnesses? Seriously, what would they say to anyone that matters?

“Detective, it’s true! There was a woman there holding something, and next I knew that guy was not standing there anymore.”

“Let me get this straight. You saw this guy, the guy in the photo, vanish into thin air?”


“You’ll be charged with obstruction of justice if you keep making up garbage like that. Now, how about the truth?”

“But I’m telling you the truth! The guy just went poof. He disappeared like I told you!”

I’d never see the inside of a prison cell. ;)


Last night I also created the Twitter poll above. Consider answering it, even though it’s silly, and I created it in a semi-unconscious cloud of sleepiness.

But back to that car… I really enjoyed feeling that way, knowing that I would not have hesitated to go after what I want, and what I need. Before anyone brings up the questionable morality of shrinking a person down to two inches in height and turning them into a companion for massive sexual needs, I’ll state that the values of good and evil don’t apply to what I would do if shrinking is invented. What I would do serves the human experience in a vital way, too important to dismiss.:D

That’s it. I’m drawing and writing more consistently now, so I’ll share some new things soon.

But also, if you don’t want someone to shrink you unexpectedly, maybe don’t announce to the world that you are a toy, using your licence plates? That person is asking for it. Just don’t look at me. I won’t be the one doing it to them. I already chose my toy.

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        1. Agreed. The question is, how explicit in meaning should they be? With the release of Ant-Man, Marvel licensed a “PYM Technologies” shirt that I bought. I suppose I could put the fake poster for Amante Menguante on a shirt, but probably still only insiders would figure it out. Before Downsizing turned out to be a dud, I seriously considered customizing a polo shirt to look like an employee of the reduction clinic.

          More graphically, I’d wear the hell out of a shirt that had the image of a giant hand wrapped around my torso.

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          1. The design on a shirt doesn’t have to be explicit at all. After all, we are (likely) wearing it for ourselves, and not so much to come on to the world as sizey people.

            If I wore a “giantess” t-shirt, I don’t think people would necessarily point and giggle and whisper secret meanings among themselves. I wanted to get one such shirt for years, but never did.

            Finally, shirts that have more elaborate designs on them, like the one you describe with the giant hand wrapped around the torso, are just neat to look at. I have a few in mind that are tiny-oriented, and don’t scream “oh my god sexual fetish!!!”

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  1. Nice work, Eagle Eyes. That really is a find; don’t think I’ve seen that before. Loved the old movie dialog (has a Bowery Boys feel). The part about vanishing into air and the cynical cop, awesome. I guess I’m happy with my bland, everyday license plate, but you got me thinking.

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    1. Well, it’s not really an Internet find. I actually took that pic on Sunday, while I was out. :) But thank you.

      I’ve been thinking about size vanity plates for years! Mine would be something straightforward like “GIANTESS” if I could get away with the “I”. Or HUGEGTS. Or… MEGALADY. I only have up to eight letters, numbers, or symbols, but I’d come up with something fun, if I were that brazen about it.

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      1. Love your ideas for plates. I think here in the Granite State you can have six letters, which makes it tougher. And tougher to figure out.

        I did mean ‘find’ in the usual sense, as in, ” I was out in the woods today and found a Northern Flicker.” It’s a woodpecker, by the way, and if I saw one I’d take its picture and congratulate myself. ;)

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        1. Thank you!

          Woodpeckers are a blast to spot. They are so noisy you can’t quite tell which tree they are assaulting, and when they’re really close they’re usually trying to poke a whole in my gutters. By the time I open the door to cuss them out they are gone.

          I saw a goldfinch in full summer plumage a few days ago. It appeared to have two spouses!

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