Happy National Limerick Day!


I can invent a size holiday out of thin air, but today there’s no need to do that because it’s actually National Limerick Day.  The only limericks that matter to me are size ones, so I’m celebrating the day by writing a few of those fun, silly poems, and by imagining I have a tiny partner that likes to write some for me too.


What would he say about me? Something nice, of course. This is a tiny little sex toy that actually likes me, you see? He’d never ever say anything unflattering about me. That’s why I love him so.


Hey, that’s not nice! No more Internet for the little scamp. Time out in my panties… which is really time in, if you think about it. And I think about it a lot.


4 thoughts on “Happy National Limerick Day!

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  1. My girl got tired of my funkin’
    So she contrived to have me shrunken
    Now her life is sublime
    ‘Cause I spend all my time
    Squirmin’ and suckin’ and spelunkin’

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