Small Change – The Purple Pill


A couple of weeks ago there was that pill choice meme going around, and none of the choices appealed to me in the least.

Never getting sick? That’s asking for trouble on a monkey’s paw scale. Would I then be only a carrier of diseases? Would that mean that I develop antibodies automatically, which can then be used to create important vaccines for all the people that need them? But most importantly, what does the damn pink pill have to do with size change?

Nothing. Moving on.

Always having good weather? What is that? “Good” weather is a matter of opinion. Right now good weather would be a torrential rain so I don’t have to go outside and spend an untold number of minutes watering my plants. I also love cold weather, which many people find detestable. But most importantly, how is weather connected with size change?

In no way at all. Hard pass.

Immortality? I thought about this choice for a moment, but the reason I could use this choice is riddled with sorrow and distress, and it has absolutely no connection with size. So…


Being able to draw things the way I see them in my head? People that practice consistently can probably get to that point. I keep watching instructional videos on YT hosted by artists that claim that anyone can learn to draw if they master some basics, and I’m inclined to believe that as I continue to improve slightly even with very little to no practice. And most importantly, what does the blue pill have to do with size?

Everything! But I don’t need it.

That leaves me with the only solid contender, and that is the purple pill as shown above. It can be a dosage I take that gives me the power to shrink someone besides myself (I’m strictly against size reduction for my own body, as the mere thought of being small makes me extremely uncomfortable), or it can be a pill I drop in the drink of the person I want to keep as my tiny possession.

The image I created for my purple pill choice has been edited and improved from the original tweet I created for it. It was a fun thought I still contemplate in spite of all the non-con implications.

And because of them.

2 thoughts on “Small Change – The Purple Pill

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  1. One question – what is Young Elvis doing in the background? ;)

    Interesting. If only the purple pill would do all those things; it would probably only do one. Which is good for you. BTW, I like your drawings.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He does look like Elvis a bit, doesn’t he! 😆

      Yeah, I only want a pill that works in one specific way, otherwise I don’t have any use for pills at all. We’ll see what happens when I get older, hahah!

      Thank you, I’m pleased you do.


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