“Found.1” by runswithferrets. This is the sort of image I love.

About Me

  1. The most important thing to know about me as regards to my blog is that I’m a giantess, and a shrinker. What does that mean? It means that in my mind, in my actions, and in the way I view the world, I’m very, very tall… and I like to make things and people very small.

  2. I was born in a country other than the U.S. but I’ve lived here most of my life.

  3. I’m bilingual, and my Spanish was once great.

  4. I love to read and write. This blog would not exist if I didn’t love to write.

  5. I despise that Grape-Nuts cereal.

  6. I love shoes, and I’ll probably figure out a way to feature them in as many posts as possible.

  7. I keep this blog a secret from my family and most of my friends. I can count the real-life people that know of this blog and also know my real name with the fingers of one hand. Hmm… OK, two hands, but I can count the people that know who I am and know of this blog with the fingers of one severely mangled hand.

  8. I enjoy collaging. Considering I’ve only created two or three collages that don’t involve giantesses or shrunken men, I’m going to have to admit I collage because I have my fantasies.

About You

  1. For the purposes of viewing my naughtier entries and collages you are eighteen years old or older.

  2. You may or may not leave me some lovely feedback, but what you don’t do is leave feedback just so that I’ll publish a link to your website, a place I don’t know, or don’t like. If I decide I like your name’s url, I might accept it. If it’s a link to unspeakable horrors such as Grape-Nuts fanfic or alpaca porn, I will delete it and only publish your nice comment.

  3. If during your visit to my blog you spot a collage you created and you don’t want me to use it, please let me know and I’ll remove it. The same goes if you see a story that belongs to you. It’s likely that I’ve created a showcase of your wonderful collages where I proceed to gush and flatter you most deservedly. If you prefer I don’t do that, please contact me and I will remove all offending praise. I’m afraid I’ll secretly call you names, but what can you do about that? Nothing. Sometimes I use individual collages that I believe go well with an entry that may not be connected with the image’s author, but I always place the collage title and credit the author in the image’s caption. Anything you’ve ever done I can remove if you prefer I don’t use it. Many people like being mentioned and blogged about and have their Photoshop efforts appreciated, but I’m also aware I’m not asking for permission to use any of these images that are part of my collection, so… if that annoys you, please use this contact form to inform me of your wishes, and I will happily abide by them.

About My Blog

—This is the place where I manifest my thoughts and fantasies about being a giantess and interacting with everything smaller than me, or being a regular-sized woman, and relating to miniatures. The foundation for these fantasies is a combination of things that have an ever-changing something to do with power and control. Those factors play a role, and it all is deeply related to the visual plesure I derive from being taller than all I survey, and all I survey is the frame surrounding a very little man.

—I don’t know why I have these fantasies, but I know the first moment I remember my first link in the chain of them. I was about two years old and the nature of the event is inconsequential but fantastic to me, and clear evidence of the way my mind was turning its wheels about male body size and how it compared to its female counterpart, me. Later on I was about four years old, and my parents had taken my brothers and me to the movies to watch this stupid Disney film. I was dying of boredom and hoping it would be over soon when the screen was filled with this tiny man talking to a “giant” woman. I remember my brain exploded, and I had certain feelings I didn’t understand. I did realize I wanted to keep very quiet about them. I still keep quiet about them, with the exception of this blog.

—There are various ways to navigate this blog. They are all painfully obvious, but far be it from me to miss out on a chance to overexplain something:

  • Search – You can enter any keyword here, and if one or more posts contain it, you will see them in the search results. It can make it easier to find entries that relate to “ultra giantesses” for example, as I don’t label all my entries that thoroughly. I probably should, but it seems it would make my navigation widgets a little too cluttered.
  • Suckers – I obviously named my blog widgets after my favorite invertebrate, the squid. This section contains links to my ten latest posts to draw in readers, the same way a squid’s tentacles feature teeth and suction cups that attach to its prey. OK… maybe not exactly the same way, but it’s fun to imagine it figuratively.
  • Chromatophores – Those are cells that contain pigment and reflect light, and provide squid with such beautiful colors and effects. Here they simply mean entry categories.
  • Tentacles – Monthly blog archives. Clicking each takes you to that month’s entries.
  • Calendar – A calendar that creates links for each that that contains entries. Mousing over each day shows you the titles that were published on it. I couldn’t think of any term that connected squids and time, so I went with squidlike behavior in a god.
  • Bioluminescence – Squids produce light as a chemical reaction, and aside from being one of nature’s most beautiful spectacles to behold, it’s a nice way to think of links to other blogs or websites that display its creator’s rad skill in some way… ya know, as they show their own “light”.
  • Fathoms – That unit of length used for measuring the depth of water, translated to mean different blog measurements. I’ve fixed it so I’m the only one that can view it up to now, and no one’s fussed at me for it. It doesn’t get that many clicks, so I figure no one cares to know where my naughty 11,111th visitor is from, and how long he stays here furiously clicking on giantess images.

—Speaking of images, collages found in this blog will generally depict the following:

  • Gentle, monogamous interaction between a giantess and a man, or a woman and a shrunken man.
  • The giantess will be wearing clothes most of the time. The shrunken man will be clothed with far less frequency.
  • Foot content. I love the feet aspect of giantess, and a shrunken man’s feet even more.
  • Soft crush (in my view of it, the giant foot hovers over a man or his belongings, but with amorous intentions and not with the purpose to harm).
  • Mouthplay. No chewing or digestion; just playful, loving scenarios that involve a female mouth and a male body somewhere in it, near it, on it, etc.

Sometimes there will be:

  • Male bottoms or genitalia. Shrunken men aren’t allowed to own clothes, unless I happen to collage or write about a scenario in which they do.
  • Collages depicting various degrees of violence, although mostly to make a point showing something opposite of what I like.
  • Destruction caused by a giantess. I don’t like violence, but enjoy the occasional city turned to dust. For an explanation of this irony, call 1-800-GIANTESS.

—What you will almost never find here:

  • Explicit, password-protected content. There may be some naughty stories here and there when it tickles my fancy to share something like that, but typically my blog entries will be fairly tame.
  • Images showing a great deal of nudity. The link to such content will always be pixelated with the explicit image only a click away. I think the nude human body is a beautiful thing, especially the male nude body, but my blog is not a place to visit for very graphic nudity or giantess porn.

—And what you will never find here, which I wasn’t going to mention exactly, thinking Google might bring it up, but it turns out it doesn’t matter anyway:

  • Cricket crush. I know that having an entry that includes those two words means Google will send me visitors looking for it. I will not be including depictions of the purposeful murder of innocent bugs.
  • Giantesses having sex with buildings. What the hell is that about. (Is what I would wonder if I didn’t know.)

About Grape-Nuts

  1. It’s neither.

  2. Avoid it.

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  1. I’m very happy to find your blog and to see you blogging again. Excellent new (?) collages, as usual. I’ll be lurk-following your blog and wish you the best.


  2. Hi Shrinkee! It’s great to say hi to you after all these months, and thank you. Some of the collages are new, and plenty are ones I had uploaded to the GDC gallery or used at my old blog. I generally make note of that in my entries, but not always…

    As I’ve always said, lurking is awesome. :D

    Thank you, and cheers right back at you!


  3. A remarkable Blog, good to see that the Squid is good with their ink! I stumbled across it on a Google search for “Theth Collages”, as I am also an admirer of his work.

    Good luck with the Blog, I`ll stop by to keep in touch with it.



  4. Hi Talisman, and thank you. Theth does great work, and there’s plenty of his that I only saw at the now extinct GDC gallery. Maybe someday we’ll see all those works somewhere else.

    Have a nice weekend!


  5. Your blog is extremely enjoyable. Excellent collage work and your commentary and thoughts are wonderful, too. Well done, and thank you for sharing. Came across your site from Trinket’s blog, which is also good.
    Anyway, just want to drop a smile your way. I love your approach and what you seem to like and don’t like. Really wonderful.
    All the best,


  6. Hi Quinttt! It’s nice to see you here again. Thank you for the comment and the smile. I have such obscene amounts of fun with my blog here, I’m only glad it’s fun for others as well.

    While there’s only more enjoyment to be had, it will slow down a bit now that I’m officially out of finished collages and old-blog posts. There are a few scheduled entries for the future, but they’ll be “trinketized”, as in few and far between, just the way he posts. ;)


  7. LOL!

    Look everyone, it’s trinket, whose blog is “also good”! :lol:

    I think giants can issue statements, but little people are only able to squeal understatements*!

    (I’m only teasing, Quinttt.)

    *The “under” of that word’s meaning is not to be confused with the “under” of Undersquid, who is actually a rather tall creature.


  8. LOL.
    Cute. When you quote “also good” like that it seems rather lacking in enthusiasm, doesn’t it?
    I don’t mean it that way, Undersquid and Trinket!
    Excellent little pun by the way…


    1. Hahah! Well, for someone that can’t read between the lines it might, but I saw it as an opportunity for humor. Couldn’t pass it up.

      Thank you Qunittt! :)

      (Or is it Quinttt? I see it spelled both ways.)


  9. Hello,

    I found a collage of mine used in part of another collage…

    …and I am outraged! Just outraged! I demand it be taken down at once! Remove it from the site! It has not been used with my permission!!

    …just kidding. :D Just making an understatement.

    I’m actually quite flattered to see it being used somewhere. And a random google search of my name is the wild coincidental link that allowed me to find your new blog! Glad to see your still blogging. I was surprised when your GDC one suddenly disappeared. (followed by the rest of the GDC blogs)

    Looks like I’ve got a few entries to catch up on! Once again, great to see you here!


  10. Hi Dharker Syde! Thank you, and it’s great to see you here too, especially now that I don’t go to giantess boards, and the only board I ever visit is some weird writing one that only has nine members in it. :neutral:

    Hey, I hope you are still collaging some when you get the chance. Your images had a dharkness to them that made them pretty cool and unusual.

    P.S. I got a big kick out of your comment! :lol: It reminded me of that sense of humor we used to see so often at GDC. Members with a great grip on Funny were a big reason that was such an excellent board to visit. Of course then you were made into a Knight and your head got so big and no one could talk to you without showing their papers were in order and before making an appointment which for some reason you insisted on calling “audience”. Sigh. :P


  11. Hi Undersquid, changed my name from Talisman to avoid an e-mail clash, but I still very much enjoy your blog. Sorry that I have not visited more often, but work can take over at times.

    I read your post about liking shoes, and it led me to consider my own position. On reflection, I do not have a foot or shoe fetish, but I do have a fetish about being small in size and at feet or shoes. I am not quite sure what that says about me as a man, but whoever gets me as a tiny slave will have very shiny shoes so there is an upside.


  12. Welcome back, Small Paul, and thank you! I understand about work, and this blog will always be here for those times you get the chance to visit.

    Well, unless it’s accidentally deleted by WordPress, or there’s an alien invasion that shuts down the Internet, or anything else just as likely to take place.

    Please permit me to say that I don’t believe a strong dedication to the shine of shoes larger than life poses a challenge to any definition of manhood.

    And where tiny shrunken men stand, everything is an upside. ;)


  13. Psychology Today has an interesting cover this month, it’s really more of a perspective thing, The cover of this spring’s Heavy Metal is more unequivocal about the ratio thingy. I actually bought an issue for the first time in my life. The inside content was largely disappointing and the main story was a traditional if violent, heist thriller with zero ostensible fantasy lit.


    1. Hi Petronius, and thank you for the information. Perspective shots really work sometimes, and I like this cover for that reason! Not only is the perspective pleasing, but that particular composition is one on which I’m going to focus in future collages.

      As to the other cover, it would have been perfect had it not been for that fish tail. But lo! That butterfly man is also an element I’ve been collecting material for collages. A shrunken man with wings fires up my storytelling imagination something wicked.

      I’d be tempted to buy an issue, only for the cover. I’m sorry the rest of the magazine didn’t follow scrumptious suit.


  14. Soooooo… Undersquid… am I right in assuming that your GDC Name had to do with the opposite of growing and some flower whose color is said in a poem to be blue, but it really is violet?

    Well, hi, I’m Taran, and you might remember me from EVERY post that has something to do with cars crushed under giantesses’ feet!


  15. Hi Taran! It’s wonderful to say hi to you after all this time!

    Yes, my member name was Shrinking Violet at all the giantess boards, and of course I remember you, and all your best-German-giantess polls (I tended to choose the five points :P), all the car crush videos and collages, and all the Star Wars references.



  16. firstly my english is not good.english is not my native language.because of that i can write wrong sentences but i’ll try to explain my feelings about this site.i admire this site.i always wanna be a shrunken man and this site is exellent for me.i read your entry writing and i like too much congrulations


  17. Hi msg!

    You are very welcome here, and thank you for the compliments! I’m happy you enjoy my blog.

    It’s also a great pleasure for me to receive visitors from all over the world. There was once a time I thought there couldn’t possibly be anyone else with thoughts similar to mine, and the enjoyment of knowing there are many such like-minded people has yet to get old.


  18. i had same idea.i wanted be a shrunken boy and i thought like you,there couldn’t possibly be anyone else thoughts similar to mine but i learned that there’re too people who wanna be a shrunken man or boy and dominated by females like me and next time i thought there is no any girl or woman who wanna dominate shrunken man and i learned.Actually there are too ladies wanna that like you.it was amazing


  19. Exactly! Although it went a little differently for me, because I happened to think there would be as many women exploring these ideas in boards as there would be men.

    Once I realized there were others, it seemed the logical thing that about 50% of those “others” would be ladies. Oh, how wrong I was! :)

    But I’m fairly certain there are more women out there that contemplate these fantasies than we realize.

    Not that the number of people that think about these things makes any difference when it’s all said and done, but there is certain comfort in numbers, and those odd days I do wonder if I’m indeed out of my gourd, it’s helpful to think that the number of people that think as I do is somehow directly related to my own perception of sanity.


  20. Hi Undersquid! I’m really happy that I’ve discovered your blog. Not only I found another person who shares the size changing fantasies and another source for this kind of material, but also a place, where gentle side of giantess theme dominates. It’s good to see the work of someone who shares the same tastes.

    I enjoyed looking at your well-done collages and reading your stories and opinions on size changing fantasies. I must admit that you know how to create a good giantess climate in a clever and intelligent way. Your works aren’t only enjoyable but also interesting and I’m sure I’ll follow your blog and await for more of the great materials coming from you.

    As I mentioned before, I also have this kind of fantasy. I dream of shrinking, especially to a very small size – so called micro, one inch and even smaller, my personal favourite is 1/8 of an inch. I find it interesting, magical in some way, of being so small, that the smallest objects are bigger than you, and the woman taking care of you is the size of a mountain in comparision. I see that sometimes you’re also in micro mood, what do you think about it? And can I expect some more micro material to come? ;)

    Anyway – I’d like to thank you for creating and running such interesting site. I wish you good luck in creating more collages and stories in the future and promise to visit your blog often. :) Keep up the good work! Cheers!

    P.S: It’s also good to find someone else who likes to watch the “Bones” series. I was also surprised that Zach had connections with Gormogon… ;)


    1. Hi Balore! Thank you. I prefer the gentle side of things, and as far as collages go, I suppose it’s fortunate, since I consider getting material for sweet images much easier than the alternative.

      I’m very glad you are enjoying my blog. :) Since you are a micro fan, you know very well there are people that cannot relate to that small size, that see it as far too small to create any sort of “believable” interaction.

      I think it’s just right for certain types of size adventures, and it doesn’t interfere with my suspension of disbelief, as I’m a fan of the process of growth, or shrinkage, and that means in my mind things don’t always stop when a giantess has reached a certain size, or when the man has been reduced to a specific height. Those changes can continue until (or beyond) a true or relative micro size is attained.

      Yes, you can absolutely expect more micro material to come. Shortly before I read your comment I was looking at some of my collage material, making note of what I need for a particular image with an infinitesimal man in it.

      Zach. Oh, Zach. It was GREAT to see him in the season finale! It looked like he’d put on a bit of weight since he left the series, and the role he played was hysterically funny!


  21. Hi again and thanks for response ;)

    Yes, I realize that there are less micro fans in size changing community than those, who prefer “bigger sizes”, measured in inches… Or maybe more accurate will be using metrical system (yes, I’m European ;)) and saying that most macrophiliacs prefer sizes measured in centimetres than in milimitres. ;) And micro combined with gentle is even more rare, unfortunately.

    You’re right, people mostly don’t like micro, ’cause they consider it as a size, in which nothing is really possible, which don’t gave any possibilities of adventure, but a lot of danger – after all micro person can’t use the smallest objects and birds and bugs become a danger. I think otherwise, thankfully we all have a right to share our opinions. ;)

    It’s good to hear that you’re eager to make more micro collages and I must thank you for your will and for the time you’ll sacrifice on doing so. As a reward (if that can be considered as a reward :lol:) I’ll leave some comments on your blog and follow your notes here. Cheers! ;)


  22. Hi Undersquid :) I’ve been enjoying your Blog – you have some very interesting fantasies. I have fantasized about giantesses since childhood, and it was an epiphany to me some years back to discover there were women like you who fantasized about BEING giantesses. (In fact hanging out in the online GTS community is how I came to meet my wife.) I used to run a website called Lenine’s World, devoted to GTS artwork and fiction. I still post stories on Giantess City – principally with giantess, giant-couple and shrinking theme. I have dabbled in collaging, but not done any for some time. Anyway I really like the blog – especially the bits about the America’s Next Top Model were very funny. Best wishes – Jamie.


    1. Hi Jamie,

      Isn’t it wonderful that I didn’t wait an entire year before posting an answer to your lovely comment? I’m so considerate. The truth is, I only read it a moment ago. Since June of last year I visited my blog to approve comments, only taking a couple of seconds to make sure they were not spam, and then leaving. I’m very sorry it has taken me this long, and I thank you for leaving me such nice words. :)

      I don’t think I’ve seen your stories yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for them. And yes, I remember than epiphany, the exact moment it took place, though in my case I was just happy to find “people” that understood this. I only paid attention to gender two seconds later, when I realized most “sizies” were not women.

      Best wishes to you and your wife as well!


  23. Nice blog. The giantess world seems pretty vast (no pun intended) . I thought I’d let you know that we’re in the process of planning an internet film project for a feature short, with a script so that people can add content from their own location, for editing, FX and CGI. Doesn’t seem to be any film groups out there that I’ver seen yet.


    1. Hi Jhypsy Shah,

      Thanks. Though I’d typically delete comments similar to yours because they seem spammy, I’ll let yours be, only because I like the skeletons in one of your videos. :)


    1. Hi Taran,

      I’m still here! Just too busy to blog. This is the longest I’ve gone without collaging as well. I tried spending a few minutes on an image a couple of days ago, but no success.

      I’m not abandoning my blog. Just taking a break. :)


  24. All I can say is the following.

    1. How did I get this far through life without finding you?

    2. F/m fantasies are sick and weird, unlike M/f and F/f fantasies which are normal and wholesome. Deep down, everyone knows this.

    3. Having said that, I must say that the quality of material I have just seen in this blog has changed my point of view. While I personally would not like to see or be a shrunken man, I can now kind of see why a woman might want one. Sort of.

    4. It’s very late here, sorry if I’m not making sense. And thank you so much for all of this.


    1. Hi Hubert,

      All I can answer is the following:

      1. I’m pretty stealthy. That’s a huge feat for a giantess, but it’s true. I can move undetectedly across cities and fields alike. But you did make your way here, so I guess the ground did tremble a bit.

      2. No no! No. F/f fantasies are boring, as are M/f ones, unless the M is afflicted by some height-reducing disorder, until he becomes so m that the f is now the F. What everyone knows deep down is that F/mm or F/mmmm or F/mmmmmmmmmmm fantasies are normal and wholesome and very very good.

      3. My work here is done.

      4. You’re welcome, and thank you for the comment. :)


    1. Hi O Homúnculo,

      Thank you for leaving me this comment, though it is only now that I’m responding to it. I added a link to your Flickr gallery to my links, as I had time to peruse your work, and it is excellent!

      Thank you for providing me that link, and for permission to use your work. Believe me, I’ll take advantage of it. :)


  25. Hi there,

    Just spent an enjoyable half hour catching up with my old friend Undersquid. And I had thought she’d grown up and left the dollhouses and bird cages behind. How wrong I was!

    Anyway, I really don’t miss you at all. Nah. But I do want to read your 2007 Nano novel someday. Happy new year!


    1. Hi Nemo,

      Hahah! If I ever do “grow”, I’ll be taking whatever house I like with me. By then all homes will look like dollhouses to me, and will fit in the slice of space between my leg and my boot (which somehow will have grown with me).

      The same goes for bird cages, though those seem better fitted to serve as jewelry. Thank you for the new year wish, and the same to you, though 2010 is half gone. I’d like to read my Nano novel as well. It will be ready before I die. *sigh*


  26. You can shrink me anytime you want… as long as it is slowly (inch per minute)

    Great blog, and an excellent way to express yourself. I know the feeling of wanting to “keep this a secret”, as I have done for 30+ years now.



    1. Please picture this:

      “Oh hi, tall lady! You can do this or that to me, as long as-”

      “What, little one? As long as what?”

      “Er, I was just about to tell you-”

      “Yes. Yes, please tell me how I, UP HERE, will do anything YOUR way.”

      “Um…you’re making it sound as though I’m ordering you to do stuff. I’m not. I’m just saying I like-”

      “You’re not? Because it really sounded as though you were about to list conditions and specifications as to what you like.”

      “Well, ye- I mean n-n-n-no. Not at all. Please do what you like, any way you like it.”

      “That’s better.”


      Thank you SlowShrinker. :)


    1. LOL *bans your IP address*

      Tell ya what, send me the fan-fic, but with all references to That Which Shall Not Be Named blacked out. :P


    1. Mmmnnnggghhhh. That. Was. Wonderful.

      Thank you Petronius! I had not seen it before, nor heard of it. I don’t even need to understand what she’s saying to get the sense of it.

      I want:

      1. A pair of boots just like hers

      2. A shrunken man that performs the same duty


  27. Hi Undersquid
    I missed your collages and entries,i think this blog is best giantess blog i’ve seen in the world but why aren’t you making collages and entries anymore?

    i don’t know maybe you’re too busy but can’t you make an entry for only once a week or once two weeks?


    1. Hi msg4,

      Thank you! I really appreciate your comment. :)

      There are things going on in my life right now that create an environment completely different from the one I had when I was blogging more assiduously, not only physically, but also mentally.

      There are times I find myself “talking to you”, my readers, moments during which I’m in the middle of something else, but it’s become very difficult to move from that to the finished product of a blog entry. The large number of incomplete entry drafts I have in my admin area are proof of that.

      I think I was able to work on a collage for ten minutes last week. It’s the next one I’m posting, but it won’t be for a while.


  28. There is a commercial for Koodo (mobile service) featuring “El Tabador”, a diminuitave Mexican wrestler. A search of Koodo No Commitments or “El Tabador” should suffice. Not great, but not bad for mainstream commercial fare. Still a bit toy like (and toys basically suck), but the fact that he moves and talks helps a little. That and the fact I first saw it on the air as opposed to the internet.


    1. Thanks Petronius! I had not seen or heard of it until now. You really hook me up with some good stuff. :)

      Yes, not bad. I would have loved a real man instead of a stop motion one, especially in the commercial with a woman applying makeup as el Tabador flirts with the music box ballerina. I would have given him a bit of interaction, and better taste!


  29. I love reading your blogs!!such passion and art in your words I can see with my imagination!Id like to know more :)


    1. Hi Chazz!

      Your comment looks just like that spam I get:

      “Wow, this information is totally relevant, and I wish I had found it months ago!”

      And then it’s some link to nude photos of robot celebrities, or car insurance, etc. But there was no naughty link included with your comment, so I’m going to think you are a human being. Thanks for the comment! :)


  30. Just wanted to say that this is the nicest Giantess site/blog I’ve ever come upon. I think you and I share a common experience as children :-) I once had a baby-sitter that changed my life forever .. enough on that.

    I hope that things for you turn around and your passion re-ignites as I see large chronological gaps forming but I understand that you cannot always be here and that life takes its turn on you .. Hope to see you back at it soon.



    1. Hi Ahkenahmed,

      Yes, I remember that baby-sitter incident, if it’s the one you mentioned over there yonder at the GDC that Oz had the cruel nerve to shut down. Yes, enough of that. :)

      What common experience did we have as children? Do you mean the whole awakening of “this” in some form? In that case, yes. It’s rather a common aspect we all share, but I do recall reading about onsets that take place much later in life for some folks.

      I’m almost done with a collage I hope to post soon! Thank you your comment. :)


    1. Hi Petronius,

      As I said before, you have a way of finding material I really enjoy. Thank you! I laughed out loud at the end of a particular clip. I hope I’ll have time to create an entry about it soon.


  31. I am impressed by your work overall, I’m also interested in reading about your challenges as a writer as well as the giantess taking charge of tiny destinies. We could share some writings or brainstorm sometime, maybe I could share you my secret blog, it’s different yet withing them safe guidelines you pointed out earlier. Keep up the good work!


  32. Thank you Kareem, for your nice comment. I don’t heavily emphasize my challenges as a writer in this blog (or any blog), but I do touch on it from time to time. Writing cooperatively is something I have tried before, with limited success. When I’m ready to try it again, I’ll set the wheels in motion.

    Ooh, you have a secret blog as well? Fabulous! I’d be honored to visit it when you like, and I’m very happy to know it’s not about Grape-Nuts. :)


  33. Would you agree that at some time, most women have had thoughts of having a tiny man in their possession? In my encounters along the web I”ve found this to be true. While for most these thoughts are a ‘passing fancy’ it’s nice to know that there are a few that maintain an active imagination.
    As the ration of men to women with this fantasy, is probably 1000 to 1, it’s a pleasure to have someone to talk with fairly openly (with web anonymity of course)


    1. It seems likely, doesn’t it? How many times do we not hear someone expressing the wish (however whimsical) of putting someone in their pocket or purse and taking them home? A hefty percentage of men I’ve encountered along the web have mentioned they would become murderously enraged if suddenly miniaturized… so if my fantasy did come true and I shrank someone against their will (really against their will and not please-don’t-but-please-DO “against their will”), I would have to keep the little stinker in a cage in order to prevent his poisoning my coffee the first chance he gets.


  34. Hey, could you point me to that Grape Nuts fan fiction? Ever since you mentioned it at the top of this page I’ve been wondering what this could entail.

    Seriously. In trade I can send you a link to Ulle Haarburste’s Roy Orbison in cling film story website. I think it’s a good trade. Fascinating stuff.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi Joe B.,

      There is no such thing, I only invented it at the time I was composing my About page. That Roy Orbison cling film story was extremely wtf-ey, but fun.


  35. Hi,

    You have a wonderful way of putting down your thoughts and fantasies.I am a worshiper of Mother Goddess and for me the concept of giantess with a small boy sized man makes lot of sense.In our belief of TANTRA/SriVidya/Shakta thoughts the mother goddess is a mother and a lover too.Hence this instant attraction to the giantess idea.Another reason i found your blog attractive is because you are a woman :)and it is interesting to find what a woman usually dreams of.
    For me, as a man,the giantess is like a mother goddess who gives birth to us ,raises us as her sons and then takes us(men)as her lover too.
    You may find it interesting as to why men find such thoughts attractive.Freud,Jung and Rankian ideas all say that we are programmed that way.That is the relationship between men and women is based on or an extension of the relationship between mother and son.I don’t want to get religious here,but i will give here a few links which might interest you. :)




  36. Hi, and Thanks! Ur weblog was the first to show me I am not alone in this feeling; before happeningly finding ur blog, I thought it was me and only me having these ideas.

    Your blog also gave me courage to start my own blog for Iranians (because of religious dictatorship in Iran, Most people do not find the luck to know their fetishes :( ) and make them aware of it. my weblog is in Persian language of course; But since I have a good mind in writing stories, I’ll start an english version soon;
    But since then, I have linked to your blog because I respect it! (I said why)
    and I would be greatly happy if you link to my blog too; especially for persians who are pulled to your blog to know there are other Iranians with the same feelings.


  37. Hi Iran Giantess,

    It’s a great pleasure to say hi to you, even if only by this method. No, you are not alone. Not only that but I receive a healthy number of visitors from places that surprise me because I perceive the predominant religion, or controlling ideology, or treatment of women to be contrary to an enjoyment of these fantasies.

    But I also know that simply because someone loves the idea of a giantess it doesn’t necessarily follow that they respect women. There are cretins everywhere, but fortunately I don’t find myself interacting with them.

    Thank you for the link, and I look forward to seeing the English version of your blog!


  38. Hello Undersquid,

    I was enjoying your blog, yet again, and I realized that I have never said “thank you” for making such awesome content available to the GTS community. Well, Thank you!

    Yours truly,

    Erik Suttle (erikNside)


  39. Hi Erik, and you’re welcome.

    But I make my content for the Shrunken Man community. :lol:

    I’m enjoying your blog’s latest entry! Thank you for that.


  40. your back! your return has given me the courage to leave a comment on a gts site for the first time ever


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