Inktober – 3

I've felt extremely tired lately, particularly exhausted, so I phoned in some of these images. It is my intention to fix them later, as is my intention to complete this blog entry, but you know what happens when one intends to do something good. I also intended to shrink someone and be too busy to... Continue Reading →


Inktober – 2

I should be posting the third group of five drawings, but I haven't even started yesterday's or today's. I have the ideas for them, but I'm losing steam in the motivation department. I'll probably kick myself into gear later this evening. The prompt for my sixth drawing is "drooling" and self-explanatory. In one corner we... Continue Reading →


Inktober is a thing some of us size people are doing on Twitter. Since it's about doing one drawing each day of October, there will be—hypothetically—thirty one drawings I post here. I claim no great artistic skill, I'm mostly doing this for the fun. There are prompts for each day, and I happen to follow... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Night News…

Even though it's no longer Tuesday. Do you care? Nor do I. As it's always with these things, I saw something on Twitter last night that made my editing bone super itchy. It was posted by our friendly neighborhood Taedis, who does that a lot. He often tweets size content so terribly misguided I can't help... Continue Reading →

You enjoy immense posteriors…

And you cannot utter that which is opposite to the truth. If you like July’s contest theme to be butts, vote accordingly: If you vote for something else... I will find you. I WILL FIND YOU.


This is driving me nuts. I'm working on a story right now, and there's this tiny detail I need to get into in order to continue it, and I'm stuck because I can't find the answer. An airman executes a HALO jump, and lands. As you know, superheavy rucksack with all his gear. AND his... Continue Reading →

Vote for October’s writing contest theme!

I'll type awesome words about it later, but in the meantime...

Please send penis pics…

...Is not what I asked, when I started creating those Craigslist ads. The above is a composite image of five penis pics I received in an email as an answer to this fake ad. C'mon. Craigslist is not where I go for that. And as Twitter said:  (Although I do like them small, but I'm not... Continue Reading →


I'm not going to bring up politics at this time. Not here. This is my refuge from those things, which I constantly face, day in and out. This election in particular has torn my family apart. Some members of my family... let's just say their crazy slip is showing. But never mind them. What about me?... Continue Reading →

Legends of Tomorrow – Season 1, Episode 13, "Leviathan"

This happens about twenty minutes into the episode. Don't read on if you don't want spoilers. This is so hot. I'm not embedding it because that would mean signing up and uploading this bit somewhere far more visible than this blog. So I uploaded it to my google drive. I love this part. You know... Continue Reading →

Lost at sea?

I enjoy looking at my visitors' data, namely countries and pages they visit. It still puzzles me to no end that one of the most visited pages has to do with my crushing a cricket. Sickos. 🙂 When I gawked at my most recent visitors' world map, I saw the above image. It brought forth the... Continue Reading →

R.I.P. Vanya

My Mac  that I had named Vanya (I name my Macs), is dead. No more posts until he's replaced. (I wish this was an April's Fools' joke, but it's not.)

I had the Audacity to change my gender…

...and it only took a few seconds. I was at one of my favorite blogs looking at fun stuff to use later on for various purposes that don't only involve collaging, when I spotted a video of Andrew Cooper. You probably don't know who he is and that doesn't matter. What does matter is that... Continue Reading →

Just the two of us!

Is there any reason whatsoever I should be this happy someone from the city where I was born should make it to my blog? Maybe not, but it still makes my heart pound with glee that it happened. See, what typically happens when I spot my birth flag in my site stats is that the... Continue Reading →


Today I was in the living room with my family, and a wish was expressed regarding a particular radio station, and the playing of it online. I sat at the computer and found it. I saw that I needed to fire it up through a player, and I chose iTunes. Awesome? No, not awesome. What... Continue Reading →

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