I had the Audacity to change my gender…

...and it only took a few seconds. I was at one of my favorite blogs looking at fun stuff to use later on for various purposes that don't only involve collaging, when I spotted a video of Andrew Cooper. You probably don't know who he is and that doesn't matter. What does matter is that... Continue Reading →

Just the two of us!

Is there any reason whatsoever I should be this happy someone from the city where I was born should make it to my blog? Maybe not, but it still makes my heart pound with glee that it happened. See, what typically happens when I spot my birth flag in my site stats is that the... Continue Reading →


Today I was in the living room with my family, and a wish was expressed regarding a particular radio station, and the playing of it online. I sat at the computer and found it. I saw that I needed to fire it up through a player, and I chose iTunes. Awesome? No, not awesome. What... Continue Reading →

Hello, 100,000th visitor!

Last night, at around 8:30 PM, I received my 100,000 visitor. I was too tired to compose anything pertinent, but here's what I want to say on the matter: My 100,000th visitor is a vore fan. If you see his (I assume he is a male visitor, though there's a very tiny chance I'm wrong)... Continue Reading →


How's it going? Are you having a nice weekend? Good, that's wonderful. I wanted to bring something up. When I became an adult I made the decision to never kiss and tell. Even before I was very unlikely to give details about my love life. It doesn't matter who wants to know: my mom, my... Continue Reading →

A giant cat for a giant woman

When I found this image of a cat looking up at a flock of birds, I thought it was adorable, and I saved it. I thought it would make for a great lolz giantess image. The perspective makes me imagine it's a giant kitty, one that follows the earth-shattering footsteps of her owner everywhere she... Continue Reading →


I never type or say "w00t", but I'm kinda happy I finished a collage after all these weeks of not being able to go anywhere near Photoshop, and it simply erupted from within. I want you to know I'm being very good and not posting it until I'm sure I'm done with it. If you... Continue Reading →

Happy Semesteversary, Hug the Undersquid!

At this very moment, my blog is six months old. It feels like two or three. I'm asleep right now (this entry has been scheduled to be published hours from now), so I'll return later for some fun-filled, blog-related facts. Later... Hi again, I've been blogging for six months, and while that's no big feat,... Continue Reading →

I don't care if you are gay.

I had a disturbing conversation with a family member yesterday. It came to pass that the homosexuality of one of my brothers was unveiled (with an accompanying slur), and it was done in a way that made me think an adverse response was expected of me. There wasn't one. In fact, the amount of brothers... Continue Reading →

Good Halloween Treats

Now that Halloween is coming up, heathens everywhere are preparing to deploy sugary treats to suspecting children. Well, not all heathens. As we know, child molesters will be spared an extra trip to the store for those nifty little bags of mixed, individually wrapped candy. ANNAPOLIS — Sex offenders in Maryland have begun receiving paper... Continue Reading →

Bones – The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond

Part of the beauty of Bones is the conclusive way it inspires me to learn more about the world around me. It can be argued that the knowledge I gain will serve absolutely no purpose, and will not enhance my life more than fulfilling my duties as a human being would and does, but who... Continue Reading →

Bones – The Finger in the Nest

This is the first episode I began to feel like the old Bones of the past seasons was back. By the way, in my life I've only purchased two TV series in DVD form: The X-Files, and Bones. Patiently too... I waited until the second season of Bones went down to $15.00. The episode opens... Continue Reading →

A quick thought…

Say you are a mom. And let's say you have a daughter. You two are very close. That's nice. But. Never reveal your ex, her father, was bad in bed. She has no use or need for that information. No matter how old she is. It's just wrong. Just sayin'.


I posted this at my old blog back in April of last year. To understand my feelings about Grape-Nuts, it must be made known that boxes of cereal were not a part of my childhood. Every once in a while I'd hear my classmates discuss their morning meals, and the kids that belonged to more... Continue Reading →

When I love to get mail

When the year began I made the resolution of not buying any more books for a while. The foundation for that decision was the amount of books I already have that I have not yet started to read, and a desire to keep a bit more money in my wallet. I have failed. There's always... Continue Reading →

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