Orcs by Stan Nicholls

I'm reading Stan Nicholls's series Orcs: First Blood. The three books have been packed into one as pictured on the right. It's not the type of reading that grasps my interest so deeply that I find it impossible to put down, but I like it. I like that the female characters aren't weeping, defenseless, stupid... Continue Reading →


The Incredible Shrinking Man

I think her facial expression should convey deep horn. In her fictional place I'd be adopting all manner of happy looks. What concerns me (not really) is that I've never watched this movie. I've never even gone to any movie rental place to see if it's available, because I feel it should be behind some... Continue Reading →

What to do with $10,000

It's 5:22 in the morning, and I can't find my copy of The Bachman Books. I know I bought it years ago for $4.00, and I know I read it, but somewhere along the line it got gone. So I've been looking for it, and instead found a bag of bubble wrap I somehow have... Continue Reading →

When I love to get mail

When the year began I made the resolution of not buying any more books for a while. The foundation for that decision was the amount of books I already have that I have not yet started to read, and a desire to keep a bit more money in my wallet. I have failed. There's always... Continue Reading →

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