Go Outside Magazine ads

Here I sat, thinking dark thoughts, when I decided to cheer myself up, and that's what I did when I found ad campaigns starring little people. I love those guys. Sure, the little women may exist as well, but not in my head. Up here, there are office buildings bursting at the steely seams with beautiful... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wonder why. It doesn't happen very often, but say, every few months I do ask myself what it is that happened, if anything ever did happen, to make me the way I am now. Why do I fantasize about tiny men a size so impossible, it will never come true? X-X-X-X I wrote... Continue Reading →

Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike

The ad above fell into my hands, and I-hapless victim of false advertising-immediately thought, "Finally! A play about a woman and the man she shrinks and then forces to live in a tiny dollhouse and then she uses him as her plaything every night and every day and every morning and she has her friends Vanya... Continue Reading →

Cute crouton coupon. Now say that ten times fast.

I still get the newspaper every once in a while, and a few weeks ago I saw this ad among my coupon inserts. I understand that because of your inferior shrunken eyes, you cannot see the tiny cowboy's adorable face, but I have superior, colossal, magnificent eyeballs, so it's clear to me he looks exactly... Continue Reading →

Lil' Sweet!

I love this commercial. It brings to mind all those scenarios in which a sweet little temp is "forced" to fulfill various workplace duties, as defined by a very demanding (yet gentle) lady boss. Though the bitty hard-working man I think about doesn't have hair the color of cough medicine.

Those Korean Air ads!

I just had to. Love them! (Ten days later....) This is what "I just had to" means: I had to post the video even though I still don't own my own computer, because I really enjoyed it when I saw it on TV. Remember that poker face I've mentioned before? The one I sport when... Continue Reading →

I'd choose the guy on the left

Back when I was a moderately cute teenager with the kind of bottom that stopped traffic and compelled some men to pleasure themselves in public*, I met a man at work that called me shortly after he left, for no professional reason. He wanted me to go out with him. When I said "no, thanks"... Continue Reading →

THE Mike Old Navy Commercials

I think I just creamed my skirts. A beautiful tiny man in a commercial, and not one lady grabs him and has her way with him in the middle of the store, on a pile of new garments!? Doesn't anyone know how to make commercials anymore? (Later....) Good heavens. I just watched a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Another Terpsicorps moment

Nearly two years ago, when this blog was in its infancy, I posted something about a dance company called Terpsicorps. I've never gone to see them, but I keep receiving promo for their shows. I'd love to kiss whoever does their ads, because look at it! A perspective shot at its best. It took me... Continue Reading →

NSF International "Mini Protectors" ads

http://www.nsf.org/business/newsroom/ad_gallery.asp I found these yesterday, and what woman wouldn't love the idea of little ones in public service, protecting those things she needs throughout her daily life? This is a neat set of ads that also answers that age-old question: What careers would extremely small shrunken men be able to choose to earn a paycheck?... Continue Reading →

Vanart commercial

Last night, instead of going to sleep, I went to my blog's admin area and inspected the terms visitors used to find my blog. Doing that causes me to do my own searches every once in a while, just to see what comes up under the blanket of certain terms. Last night I thought to... Continue Reading →

Samsung MP3 Player ads

These ads are disappointing in various ways: 1. The female presence is sorely lacking. What's the meaning of that, Samsung people? Don't you know I now begin to feel the want for an MP3 player, and because you didn't have the foresight to include a womanly ear in which to place your little guys, I... Continue Reading →

Telia ads

I found these ads at Ads of the World as I have found others. While the existence of an ad doesn't mean it was ever put to publicity use, it's still nice to see that in many places there are creative people thinking about these things, and seeing potential in the visual message of size... Continue Reading →

Rafał Olbiński's Friendly Persuasion

A comment by Petronius in this entry brought to my attention the works of Rafał Olbiński. I know some of us enjoy not only stories and collages about giantesses and shrunken men, but other types of media as well. For my part I love books, and I love art; and I combine those and collect... Continue Reading →

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