Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike

The ad above fell into my hands, and I-hapless victim of false advertising-immediately thought, "Finally! A play about a woman and the man she shrinks and then forces to live in a tiny dollhouse and then she uses him as her plaything every night and every day and every morning and she has her friends Vanya... Continue Reading →

Cute crouton coupon. Now say that ten times fast.

I still get the newspaper every once in a while, and a few weeks ago I saw this ad among my coupon inserts. I understand that because of your inferior shrunken eyes, you cannot see the tiny cowboy's adorable face, but I have superior, colossal, magnificent eyeballs, so it's clear to me he looks exactly... Continue Reading →

Lil' Sweet!

I love this commercial. It brings to mind all those scenarios in which a sweet little temp is "forced" to fulfill various workplace duties, as defined by a very demanding (yet gentle) lady boss. Though the bitty hard-working man I think about doesn't have hair the color of cough medicine.

Those Korean Air ads!

I just had to. Love them! (Ten days later....) This is what "I just had to" means: I had to post the video even though I still don't own my own computer, because I really enjoyed it when I saw it on TV. Remember that poker face I've mentioned before? The one I sport when... Continue Reading →

I'd choose the guy on the left

Back when I was a moderately cute teenager with the kind of bottom that stopped traffic and compelled some men to pleasure themselves in public*, I met a man at work that called me shortly after he left, for no professional reason. He wanted me to go out with him. When I said "no, thanks"... Continue Reading →

THE Mike Old Navy Commercials

I think I just creamed my skirts. A beautiful tiny man in a commercial, and not one lady grabs him and has her way with him in the middle of the store, on a pile of new garments!? Doesn't anyone know how to make commercials anymore? (Later....) Good heavens. I just watched a bunch of... Continue Reading →

Another Terpsicorps moment

Nearly two years ago, when this blog was in its infancy, I posted something about a dance company called Terpsicorps. I've never gone to see them, but I keep receiving promo for their shows. I'd love to kiss whoever does their ads, because look at it! A perspective shot at its best. It took me... Continue Reading →

NSF International "Mini Protectors" ads I found these yesterday, and what woman wouldn't love the idea of little ones in public service, protecting those things she needs throughout her daily life? This is a neat set of ads that also answers that age-old question: What careers would extremely small shrunken men be able to choose to earn a paycheck?... Continue Reading →

Vanart commercial

Last night, instead of going to sleep, I went to my blog's admin area and inspected the terms visitors used to find my blog. Doing that causes me to do my own searches every once in a while, just to see what comes up under the blanket of certain terms. Last night I thought to... Continue Reading →

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