Choke, revisited

Remember this? Of course you do, if you have tattooed every one of my posts on your forehead. But you haven't, so I'll just tell you that, years ago, when I saw the movie poster for Choke, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to create a fake movie poster. I think that's what this,... Continue Reading →

The Moment

I don't know exactly how old I was... I'm thinking four, or five years old when my parents took us to the movies to see The Gnome-Mobile. It had already been in and out of theaters for quite some time in the States, and down there, in my Motherland, it was only shown as the preview... Continue Reading →


You know what I'm going to say. Why do I need to say it? C'mon. So I went to some forum to try to steal what a poster I enjoy might have written about Paul Rudd in this role, but there was nothing worth plagiarizing there, so it's up to me to tell you my important thoughts.... Continue Reading →

Despicable Me

A few days ago I watched Despicable Me. I thought it was adorable and fun, yet I couldn't help but think of all the fun uses that shrink ray could have had in a different kind of movie. It wasn't the entitled, dissatisfied sort of feeling one usually gets when media doesn't instantly cater to... Continue Reading →

That scene in Step Brothers

Apparently we ladies like to bite people we like. If you don't believe me, take a peek at your wife's Facebook, and look at all the photos of babies in her feed. Invariably there are two or three women commenting on how they'd like to "bite his cheek". I've bitten babies as well. What the... Continue Reading →

The best part of that movie was…

A few days ago I watched Julie & Julia. I'd never watched Julia Child's cooking show before despite the fact that I enjoy watching people cook; even if I never intend to fix what they are making, what they do is lulling, hypnotizing, and more calming that any overly prescribed pill. I hadn't purchased any... Continue Reading →

Monsters vs. Aliens

Last night I popped Kung Fu Panda into my DVD player, and of course trailers precede the movie, and there I was, sitting quietly getting ready to watch something fun, getting into the holiday season, plotting delicious things to cook the following evening, and WAMMO-KABLAM-SHAZAM-SKADOOSHHHH I see a trailer for Monsters vs. Aliens. Actually, the... Continue Reading →

The Incredible Shrinking Man

I think her facial expression should convey deep horn. In her fictional place I'd be adopting all manner of happy looks. What concerns me (not really) is that I've never watched this movie. I've never even gone to any movie rental place to see if it's available, because I feel it should be behind some... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

I wrote this for the thirteenth day of the month of October in 2006, which fell on a Friday. I posted it at my old blog, and here's the repost. Don't eat too much candy, and stay warm. I'm a fan of the horror genre in movies, books, and probably all possible media. It isn't... Continue Reading →

Listen here, and listen well.

If movies were dogs and cats... ...this drools: And this rules: I never saw the real Choke movie, nor will I ever watch it. I'm still taking cleansing showers from Sam Rockwell's performance in The Green Mile, in any case. Not because he was bad. On the contrary. I wanted to create funny custom credits... Continue Reading →

Hot Fuzz

This is something else I posted in my old blog last year. I feel I should be embarrassed to show how often I save what I type... but I'm not. Achtung! Verboten! Here there be spoylers... I don't watch many movies in theaters. I usually wait until they come out on tape. One small reason... Continue Reading →

Giantess of the Year

Some people enjoy reading alternate reality books about what might have been if Hitler's Germany had won the war. Others have fun perusing invented news such as The Onion (which has lost much of its flavor lately). I like thinking about how things would be if men were very small, or if women were far... Continue Reading →

Fake movie posters

I had fun creating these for an image (collage) contest at I didn't win (except in my heart, of course), but I didn't care. The other contestants came up with some really fabulous entries, and when the time came to vote, I didn't choose one of mine. Here are my entries: 1,880 one was... Continue Reading →

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