Theth – The Android Series

Another old entry from my defunct blog I found in my Jedi archives! And the same as with the fictitious "computer series", Theth has never mentioned anywhere that the following collages are part of any set of images, much less that the shrunken men in them are bots. It just so happens that my mind... Continue Reading →



You know it. Old blog repost. These four collages were the ones I liked the most back then, but now there are new images I enjoy from this excellent collager! There's a bit of a puzzle in the mini-scenes (there's a sequence of events in them, as they involve the same people), but I'm not... Continue Reading →

Gcode and his Lie

"Lie" is Gcode's 34th collage. I like collaging and looking at collages, but every once in a while I see an image—mine or otherwise— that makes a scene explode into my mind, and in the best of scenarios, that scene becomes a story. I don't have a large collection of collages, but the ones I've... Continue Reading →

Theth – The Computer Series

I think everyone knows who Theth is (and by everyone I mean all in the giantess community). The quality of his collages makes it impossible for them to escape unnoticed by the great majority. Years ago, when I decided to search the Internet for answers to the mysterious thoughts about shrunken men I was having,... Continue Reading →

Pequeno Tamanho

I don't really know what his member name is, because he goes by at least a couple (pequeno and tamanho), from what I saw on giantess boards many months ago, when I used to frequent them. Last year I was perusing the library for new collages, as I enjoyed doing when I wanted to... Continue Reading →

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