Theth – The Android Series

Another old entry from my defunct blog I found in my Jedi archives! And the same as with the fictitious “computer series“, Theth has never mentioned anywhere that the following collages are part of any set of images, much less that the shrunken men in them are bots. It just so happens that my mind classifies them that way, but either way they are wonderful images.

* * *

mpbed_a-theth by Theth.
“mpbed_a” by Theth

Of all the images I have added to my collection, Theth has created over a couple of dozen, and I can see a story behind every single one of them. The tale behind the image above came to me partly because of Jar Jar Binks.

Unlike what seems like the majority of Star Wars fans, I love Jar Jar. I was never one of those people that claimed George Lucas had “raped their childhood” with the way A Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones developed the story of the earlier films. There are other things in life I choose to be upset about.

Before APM was released, I did my fair share of Star Wars-related shopping, and one item I had to have was this:

Muy muy, I like it!
Muy muy, I like it!

He measures nearly twenty-four inches in length, says a great number of phrases when I squeeze his hand, and vibrates to wake me up. Or used to, before I got tired of being snatched from slumber thinking a wrestling raccoon had slipped between my sheets. The most important thing is that it makes me smile.

Theth’s image made me think of a woman and the life she shares with her little toy robot. It inspired a poll about robots at GDC, and the following scene.

Little One

Amanda woke up at once, and the dim light in the room told her it would still be another hour before she would hear music coming from her alarm clock. Her cheek rubbed the pillowcase’s soft fabric as she cast her gaze on the small shape that lay next to her. Wrapped in her arms and legs, he looked asleep, but was not. Robots did not sleep.

She stared at his back, and the way it rose and sank in a way that emulated slow human breathing. She knew he would stay in that exact position until she moved him, and would continue to act as though he slumbered until the alarm clock went off. She had programmed him that way seven years ago.

Pleasure models could do almost anything these days. Hers was not one of the latest versions, yet she could have fixed it so he would wake her up; but after the first few mornings of his inhuman-yet-human hands pressing on her shoulder and his lifeless voice whispering in her ear, she had gone back to her clock radio, which didn’t begin to pretend to behave as a human.

Is this how it feels to go insane? she wondered. To know that I’m functioning at a normal capacity, and then it all snaps into disarray when I start thinking about him? It. IT! Dammit. There I go again. Seven years with no repairs, not even one maintenance check, no oil changes for you, she though. No wonder you are malfunctioning. But I’m “malfunctioning” too. Who’s gonna fix me?

kk-lax02a by Theth
“kk-lax02a” by Theth

Little One had always malfunctioned, though. Pleasure models were never supposed to ask “why” or its derivative questions, neither as factory preset, nor after customizing downloads. Only Logic models could do that, and Amanda could have never afforded one of those, but when she brought Little One from the store and began to dress him, he looked at her with those deep dark eyes, and asked her why.

“Why are you dressing me?” he had asked. She had been squatting like a mother tending to her child when he spoke, and the shock caused her to fall backwards. She could have sworn she heard him giggle but when she straightened her body and looked at him, his face was calm. Then he started dressing himself.


All those years ago Amanda had thought of taking him back to the store to get a replacement, as she was sure they had given her a Logic model by mistake, but in the end she kept him, and she always thought her feeling of guilt over keeping something she had not paid for prevented her from having his processor checked.

His brain, as she helplessly thought of it. His behavior had been startling since the beginning, and she had always thought she should feel more alarm than she did. She had tried to feel some kind of revulsion at his random displays of humanity, but maybe her loneliness and the fact that he had made her writhe with pleasure in bed as no fully sized human ever had, made her decide to put up with what must have been a bored assembler’s joke.

as_6 by Theth
“as_6” by Theth

Now she looked at his neck, at the code imprinted on it, bars and dots that meant nothing to her. She was dozing off again when he rolled over into her, startling her into a scream.

“Aah! What are you doing? You are not supposed to move yet!”

“I’m sorry. Amanda. I woke up, and felt you were awake too. Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

Surprised, Amanda felt her mouth open in the shape of an ‘o’, but no noise came from it. When she thought of her morning breath and how it would bother him, she felt anger, and pushed him away, fighting with sheets that seemed to wrap around her legs like moving vines.

“Listen, Little One, you don’t move until the music comes on, alright? That’s what you are programmed for! And you don’t ‘feel’ anything. You are a thing, like the teddy bear my dad gave me on my eleventh birthday. I talked to it, but it was just a toy! It couldn’t smell my breath, and- STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!”

Little One was rubbing his chest where she had shoved him, his face expressionless, but his eyes… was that pain? Was he hurt?

“I’m sorry, Amanda. I won’t do it again.”

Will not.

“I don’t understand.”

“‘I do not. I will not. I am‘. Why have you dropped your contractions? I never programmed you to do that.”

He was silent a second too long. She could have sworn he looked as though he had been caught lying. A very human response. But he was supposed to be silent when faced with input he had not been programmed to process, right? She slapped her forehead with frustration. He imitated her. It was so unexpected, to see him do that, to hear that little hand hit what felt and sounded like skin, she burst out laughing. She rolled onto her back and did not stop laughing until tears filled her eyes.

“Little One, you are driving me to madness.”

“Are you angry?”

She wiped her tears with the balls of her hands and stared at him for a moment. “Yes. No. I don’t know. You confuse me. None of my friends’ toys act the way you do. Not even the Logic models. Do you understand what I’m saying? You act in a way that’s completely unexpected.”

“Have I displeased you?”

“No. But sometimes you frighten me.”

“Will you send me away?”

eh-hug054 by Theth
“eh-hug054” by Theth

“Of course not! I would never! Why would you think a thing- See, this is what I mean. You aren’t afraid I’ll send you away. It doesn’t matter to you. You don’t have feelings.”

Little One said nothing, and Amanda hated to think she had hurt him, his heart, whatever part inside of him that made him behave in this way. She shook her head, disgusted with herself.

“I’m not going to send you away. I paid a fortune for you. You are mine forever. And you keep costing me a fortune with all the metal you eat! Man, what a thing to do, to design a toy that runs on metal. I suppose I should be thankful my energy bills are low, and that stainless steel is so cheap these days.”

A whisper from him.

“Because you love me.”


Amanda stared at him, at his unmoving lips, and thought she had imagined what he said. Did she imagine it because it was true? She pushed away the thought. It would return.

“Fix me some breakfast, Little One. Oh, and I got you these handcuffs. They were on sale for five dollars a pair at the pawn shop. I got you enough food for a whole year. Here!”

She stretched over the side of the bed bed and picked up a pair from the floor, where it had fallen from a cardboard box filled with them, and tossed it in his direction. He caught it effortlessly, his hand moving in a blur common to hummingbirds.

Such speed. Of course he’s a robot.

She smiled to herself and tossed his little tuft of hair before she got up and walked to the bathroom.

She did not see the distant smile on his face as he examined the cuffs.

* * *



You know it. Old blog repost. These four collages were the ones I liked the most back then, but now there are new images I enjoy from this excellent collager! There’s a bit of a puzzle in the mini-scenes (there’s a sequence of events in them, as they involve the same people), but I’m not sure it’s very obvious. What is clear to me is that I used naughty words in my old blog far more frequently than I do in this one.

Here’s a link to TheShrinkee’s Flickr gallery, the same one found in my blogroll.

* * *

Some time last year [2006] I was visiting Mystic Crunk’s board to see if Gcode had created anything new when a thread by TheShrinkee caught my attention. The title included the word “chess,” and since I enjoy the game, I took a peek to see what he had produced.

A few are not my cup of tea, but plenty are just fabulous. The images I’ve inserted here are my favorite. Just look at all the instant mini-stories they inspire.

————————- <> ————————- <> ————————-

shrunk-20 by TheShrinkee
“shrunk-20” by TheShrinkee

“Look at him, dancing like an idiot.”

“Stop it. And be quiet, the rest of you. Don’t you see he’s about to die? We could be next!”

“Nah. We’ll be OK. We weren’t stupid enough to climb her body and arrive at her foot as though it’s some great reward.”

“Well, he does have a foot fetish….”

“If a fetish makes a person willingly- Did he just drop his pants? And what’s he doing to that giant toe?”

“I think I liked it better when he was dancing.”

“Speak for yourself- Oh my god, look! She’s seen him! She’s reaching for him!”

“Lloyd! Lloyd! Jump! She’s spotted you!”

“Lloooyd! Oh, I can’t look!”

“He’s gone.”

“Do you think he died happy?”

“I don’t know. I’m just glad I’m not in his place.”

“Yeah. We are lucky we found this nice, dark, safe place to hide.”

“And smar-”

————————- <> ————————- <> ————————-

shrunk-23 by TheShrinkee
“shrunk-23” by TheShrinkee

“e4. Let’s try the Sicilian again.”

“In English. I have no idea what that means.”

“She moved the king’s pawn two squares forward.”

“OK. Now what do we do?”

“See if we can lure us a decent Wing gambit.”

“Just tell me what piece we are gonna move, fuckwit.”

“You have no idea what a Sicilian defense is, and I’m the fuckwit?”

“Gentlemen, may I remind you this is a timed game, and we are playing for our freedom?”

“Yeah. Like she’s gonna let us go if we win.”

“How many times have we won, exactly?”


“We would have won last week if our genius Lloyd here hadn’t forfeited the game for a foot massage.”

“Hey, it was worth it, let me tell ya… Her big foot on me like that? I’ve never had so many orgas-”

“Spare us. Help me move this pawn to c5. Oomph!”

“Damn, this is heavy! Humph- humph- Lloyd, I- humph- curse you! Humph- I hope her sister visits again, and she grows you a bit- humph- and then kills you while you are distracted fucking her toe! Hrrrmph!”

“There. Whew! Let’s see what she does n-”

“Oh, yeah? And I hope that right after I die happy, she sits her ass on you, and turns you into mush!”

“You know, little ones, I’m right here. I can hear you. Play quietly or I will disqualify you. In the toilet.”

————————- <> ————————- <> ————————-

shrunk-13 by TheShrinkee
“shrunk-13” by TheShrinkee

“Run, you guys! Run for your life!!!”

“Dammit! Ever since that shrinking ray was invented, we men can’t even get a full day at the office in peace! Kinda funny, actually. Hahahahahahah!”

“Why are you laughing? Hahahahahahahah!”

“I don’t know. You are laughing too, actually. Oh, no! Wait! Lloyd has fallen, and he can’t get up! Hahahah!”

Lloyd: “Oh, yeah. Foot. Shoe. Lower that shoe on me, pretty foot… Hahahahah.”

“Lloyd, you IDIOT! Get up or we’ll be captured! Ouch! Now I’ve fallen. Hah.”

————————- <> ————————- <> ————————-

mega-17 by TheShrinkee
“mega-17” by TheShrinkee

“So, why are we vacationing in Mexico again?”

“Because of the pretty pyramids like this one we climbed, and ruins and stuff.”

“And the fact that it’s the only country with giantesses makes no never mind to you, does it?”

“I’m just wondering why I’m away from the office for two weeks out of the entire year, and I choose to hang out with you guys.”

“That’s because you couldn’t get any woman from the office to travel with you. You are always creeping them out, the way you stare at their feet.”

“Yeah! You better not get us in trouble with the giantesses here! Here’s comes one now. Wow. Wow… hold on to something, guys. Man, she’s so tall….”

Oye, mujer giganta! Yo piense su pie muy erótico parte de la humana! Yo quiere hacer cosas a su giganta dedos con mi órgano masculino!

“Oh, no. Where did Lloyd get that translator? Quick, take it away from him! She looks angry!”

“Here she comes! Run! What the hell did you tell her, man?”

“I was just being my charming self! Aaaargh!”

“Let’s just hope shrinking rays are never ever invented, especially when we get back to the States!”

Gcode and his Lie

15-Amazed by Gcode
“15-Amazed” by Gcode

“Lie” is Gcode’s 34th collage. I like collaging and looking at collages, but every once in a while I see an image—mine or otherwise— that makes a scene explode into my mind, and in the best of scenarios, that scene becomes a story. I don’t have a large collection of collages, but the ones I’ve collected tend to be a window to an imaginary event that unfolds in my head, sometimes instantly. Those events are part of the reason for this blog.

Gcode is one of my favorite collagers. The elements he chooses for his images, the ways he puts them together often have a way of ending up in my head as a story. I’m not sure Gcode is still collaging, but many of his works can be found at Giantess City. I first saw the quality of his images at Pete’s place, where I found “Amazed”.

I was, indeed. After all those months of visiting boards, after all those collages that didn’t really do anything for me, here was an image that hit me just right, that was exactly the sort of thing I wanted to see more of. I’d have to say “Amazed” awakened the collager in me and sent me in the direction of Photoshop more than any other work at that time.

I love it. Seeing such great focus on the shrunken man; a great deal of care in cutting and blending; awesome edit work of light and color; the excellent combination of elements (that gorgeous sandal!)… it was new to me and just my cup of tea, so I started looking for his uploads.

34-Lie by Gcode
“34-Lie” by Gcode

When Gcode shared this image at Giantess City, a few members of the community wondered who was doing the lying. When he responded in a thread, he mentioned he had created the collage as an acknowledgment to one of pintsize’s stories, A Truly Small Life. When I saw the collage, I thought of a much different setting, and I posted this at my old blog a long time ago, back when I was way fonder of the ellipsis.

I imagined the lady had entered a very exclusive store, the kind of place that can only be found in a world where people of reduced size find themselves caught like little animals, and sold to be used by those of comparatively immense size.

She went in looking for something very special for that night, or maybe even a little toy that would last the entire weekend. As it a normal occurrence when a woman enters a place filled with tiny men, many of them—the ones that don’t know what awaits them—clamor for her attention, desperate to be chosen and plucked from a life of loneliness and abuse, hoping that where they are taken they will be treated with some respect… or maybe they imagine being bought will afford them a chance to escape to those nooks and crannies where sewer rats live, to places where that giant light doesn’t reach, to freedom.

So she strides slowly, her heels sending shock waves up all those glass cages where the little ones sit or stand in display… she looks at them, considering her needs and rejecting one after another. The store owner, a man with unkind hands that have terminated many men that didn’t “sell well”, follows her greedily with his eyes, and asks her if he can be of any assistance. She ignores him, partly because she’s lost in thought of her plans for the night, and also because women like her feel above answering questions by men of his kind.

She moves to a different section of the store, where the tiny ones are caged individually. Ah! This is more to her taste… these are clearly superior specimens, bred to please the eyes and body of a woman, grown to live longer than one night. She stops her gaze on one particular model, a delightfully shaped man that happens to think she might be his only way out of slavery, and death. So he positions himself next to the glass in a way that causes the latter to make certain parts of him seem… bigger. Anything to catch her attention just a tad longer than any of the other little guys is to his advantage.

It works. She gasps, and comes closer. His trick doesn’t work for long, of course. She easily discovers his true girth once she lifts him for a closer look after giving the store owner a significant look… but it’s alright. She wants him. His body is the right size, after all.

Theth – The Computer Series

I think everyone knows who Theth is (and by everyone I mean all in the giantess community). The quality of his collages makes it impossible for them to escape unnoticed by the great majority.

Years ago, when I decided to search the Internet for answers to the mysterious thoughts about shrunken men I was having, I stumbled upon Theth’s Geocities site, and a few of the images found there became part of my collection of favorites. As far as I know that place hasn’t been updated, so became the place where I got my Theth fix.

Before Oz shut it down I rushed to save dozens of his collages, and I’m glad I did, because there’s no gallery online for most of his images. Theth mentioned once that he would create a gallery at The Shrine, but somebody needs to nag him about uploading more images.

Not me, though. I got my Theth collection in my Mac. Ha! Speaking of Macs, Theth didn’t call this “The Computer Series”. In fact, he doesn’t really name his collages the way some of us do. I’m all little-husband this, and trinket999 is all afternoons-spent-in-bed that, and I think plenty of collagers do that.

Theth grabs name initials and numbers for the most part, but I don’t think he’ll hold it against me for grouping these images under a theme. And if he does… well.

Who’s gonna stop me? 😀

The first collage is titled sasp-gdh2k3-114c.jpg. I would have called it, Honey, please let me work. I know you need attention and I’ve been terribly busy lately, but that’s no reason to bite my finger, especially when I need it to type. Now, stop enticing me with your little body and go play with your toys.jpg.

Yeah, so Theth’s title is easier to remember, and so is the next one, stph074.jpg. Gosh, it’s just lovely. There’s the woman working on her laptop, and next to her is her little love, helping her with a few keys here and there. It’s a scenario right out of my head, except in my mind I’m always watchful for birds when my Little One is out in the open like that. A blue jay would rip him to pieces in a few seconds.

I know what you are thinking about sh-red03.jpg. Undersquid, there’s no computer in that collage, you are thinking. But there is one; it’s just inside one of the boxes the little guy is carrying for his lady.

And now I will speak heresy and say that if I had come up with that collage, I would have replaced that umbrella with a beautiful balloon. And boy do I want a dress just like that one. So beautiful.

OnDesk.jpeg is beyond fantastic. Small, but perfect. The look in her eyes as she stares at her little guy, probably half listening to him as she plans what she will do to him next, when he’s innocently telling her about his very important work down there at floor level, where he’s planning to unionize the between-walls mice, and to spend a couple of hours repairing her delicate jewelry, and to get the remote control car working again. You know, manly stuff.

She half listens, because she’s thinking, Darling, you are just a toy today, and I think I’ll show you the kind of toy you are.

I wonder if I’m the only person in the world that sees dialogue in these—or any other—collages… but if I am, what the hell. It’s marvelous fun.

I love the creation of fake movie posters and ads, whether it’s mine or someone else’s work. In stph078ad.jpg I see an example of another element in my fantasies, which is that one of a tiny little shrunken helper, a small man that serves as a living daily planner, a manager as he reminds me of bills I should pay, of meetings I need to keep, of special events for which to get ready.

He makes calls for me, edits my writing (which is a huge boost to his ego), researches data, and that’s only what he can do during the day! He’s a little iPet, but one with a marketable brain.

I believe this is the first Theth collage I ever saved. There’s something ethereal about ac_lt.jpg, created by the soft lighting that blends into the flesh of the characters, making them luminous, especially the shrunken man. I imagine it gives him a halo, a purity despite his lack of clothing. It helps tell a story in my head.

P.S. In Theth’s honor, I’m going to title my next collage gfth-hujy345platypus-ghtyujmn1998.jpg

Pequeno Tamanho


I don’t really know what his member name is, because he goes by at least a couple (pequeno and tamanho), from what I saw on giantess boards many months ago, when I used to frequent them.

Last year I was perusing the library for new collages, as I enjoyed doing when I wanted to leave feedback, and I spotted the second one in today’s entry, Espere. That one and Encomenda (encomendar = to entrust) are my favorites, and I have a couple more in my Mac, but these four are the best.


Espere (which is wait in Spanish—or Portuguese, which I believe the collager speaks as his native language), has a great theme, one for which I’ve created collages of my own, so how could I not like it? It looks so good it almost seem as thought scanned from a magazine.

In collaging giantesses and little men I’m a stickler for reflections and shadows, and in this image they are placed perfectly.

I remember what I thought when I first saw it: it looked real, which is something we strive for with these collages.


Aside from that you have the posed feet showing that the woman is leaving, and the expression of the little guy, which clearly shows two things: he doesn’t want her to leave, and he’s too small to stop her from doing anything she wishes to do, and leaving is far from the exclusive.

Experiencia and Experiencia 2 fall within something I like seeing in collages, the laboratory theme. The scientist figures out a way to shrink a man, or a city, or the world, and she’s naturally pretty damn pleased with herself, and with the little fella.

Experiencia 2
Experiencia 2

In my mind the scenarios are relatively gentle, and no harm comes to pass to those that are shrunk, despite the fear they feel and display at first.

I know it’s different for others that think about these things, and that’s one reason those forums exist. It’s entertaining to see the variations on a theme of size differences.