I'm sneezing until I taste blood. I'm unable to sleep though I have not slept in over twenty-four hours. I have stories dancing in my head, some better than others. I have a semi abandoned blog I'm trying to feed by mentally crying out "clear", and zapping it with a super late lunch of churros... Continue Reading →

Happy Halloween!

I wrote this for the thirteenth day of the month of October in 2006, which fell on a Friday. I posted it at my old blog, and here's the repost. Don't eat too much candy, and stay warm. I'm a fan of the horror genre in movies, books, and probably all possible media. It isn't... Continue Reading →

Happy Hallow's Eve Eve!

A year ago there was a Halloween image contest at the website I'm always mentioning. All the entries were displayed on rotation on the board's login page as contest participants uploaded them to the image gallery. Because they had to fit the formatting of the page, our entries had to measure 400x400 pixels, and those... Continue Reading →

Good Halloween Treats

Now that Halloween is coming up, heathens everywhere are preparing to deploy sugary treats to suspecting children. Well, not all heathens. As we know, child molesters will be spared an extra trip to the store for those nifty little bags of mixed, individually wrapped candy. ANNAPOLIS — Sex offenders in Maryland have begun receiving paper... Continue Reading →

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