“Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”

https://youtu.be/o6flLHtP7Pg The previous clip and the following entry contain SPOILERS for the movie "Eurovision". "The elves went too far." When Will Farrell was on SNL, I didn't like him. I found him extraordinarily annoying. That feeling changed after he left the show and started making quirky movies. My opinion was materially altered after I watched... Continue Reading →

Small Omen

I always decide what we're going to watch. Fortunately for him, I always decide we're going to watch something fun. A few days ago I sat with my little guy as we had dinner, and I asked him if he'd seen the ads for that new series, Good Omens. "It looks okay," I said. He... Continue Reading →

Adventure Time – “Mama Said”

Oh, shut up. You know you love that show too. When it first came on, it used to annoy me, but not everyone at my house hated it, so I began to overhear longer bits of it, and to love the double entendre, and the size bits. I love size bits, no matter where they... Continue Reading →

What did you say?

"Hey, giantess!" "Hey is for horses." "Uh, OK. So..." "So?" "I'm here!" "So I see." "So... what are you going to do to me?" "What in the world are you talking about?" "Dunno. Are you going to pick me up between your fingers? Put me in your mouth? I'd like that very much. And if... Continue Reading →

Legends of Tomorrow – Season 1, Episode 13, "Leviathan"

This happens about twenty minutes into the episode. Don't read on if you don't want spoilers. This is so hot. I'm not embedding it because that would mean signing up and uploading this bit somewhere far more visible than this blog. So I uploaded it to my google drive. I love this part. You know... Continue Reading →

Legends of Tomorrow

I never liked Christopher Reeve's Superman, but it was much better than any other Superman that had ever been translated into screen. When Brandon Routh made his appearance in the role, I thanked the Lords of Kobol. Now that man is my cup of tea. His face is the kind of face I've been fantasizing... Continue Reading →

The Boost Mobile giantess commercial

...does not exist. I wish it did. Tonight I was out where there was a TV, and when this commercial came on, for a tiniest moment I felt a flutter of hope in my heart that the large figure on the floor of a grocery store would be a giant woman. Instead a sad giant... Continue Reading →

THE Mike Old Navy Commercials

I think I just creamed my skirts. A beautiful tiny man in a commercial, and not one lady grabs him and has her way with him in the middle of the store, on a pile of new garments!? Doesn't anyone know how to make commercials anymore? (Later....) Good heavens. I just watched a bunch of... Continue Reading →

"Hi, I'm just a piece of dust…"

You've probably seen those funny Swiffer product commercials. A few days ago I was visiting someone that has cable, and one about the Swiffer 360 Duster came on. The volume was low or muted because there was conversation going on, but I lost all thread of it when I saw that tiny man emerge from... Continue Reading →


Every once in a while I experience bad dreams in batches. These past few nights have been pretty rough in the nightmare department. I think it's my brain's way of balancing things out because I never had them when I was a child. Or I don't remember having them, which amounts to the same thing.... Continue Reading →

Why can't Tina Fey be a man?

Is it too much to ask? Last night I was reading the news online when I saw a link about Tina Fey having hosted SNL. Though I haven't watched that show on TV for years, every once in a while I catch it online, if the host is someone I like. Tina Fey is one... Continue Reading →

Men of a Certain Size

I spotted the above image while checking my Facebook wall, next to which there's space that reads your mind or personal data, and applies it to publish ads it thinks interest you. Right now I'm looking at ads for cheaper car insurance, fashion inspired by horror films, and I can also sell Avon from my... Continue Reading →

Bones – The He in the She

Yep, I still love Bones. This episode opened with two half-baked fellows floating on the cloud of some undefined drug and sitting on the rocky edge of the water when the remains of a body (half of it, to be precise) wash off near them. I still love Bones, but Sweets is annoying. I'm not... Continue Reading →

Lays Tiny Man commercials

https://youtu.be/O3sQVIKv024 https://youtu.be/MOc6lLh1JnI https://youtu.be/Vhih172TpWM Last night I woke up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, so I came online for a few minutes before I returned to bed. I visited my blog admin area, and it tickled me to see a term someone had googled to stumble upon my blog was "two-inch-tall... Continue Reading →

Bones – The Crank in the Shaft

I've been watching Bones for years now, and this is the first episode I actually felt something close to repugnance, which surprised me. I've seen fake corpses covered with maggots of different sizes, I've watched fake melted bodies in a tub of goo, I've clapped at a truckful of garbage Hodgins had to sift through... Continue Reading →

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