Honey, I Shrunk the Mummy

Back in the admin area of my blog there's a section where I can see the search terms that people use when they find it. I saw that someone had searched for the keyword "shrunk". Curious, I conducted a Google search to see what popped up, since in the past I've always been more likely... Continue Reading →

Menicure, not manicure!

Last night I was reading MattyBoy's latest Math post, in which he used a ladder to illustrate his point. So I'm reading about the ladder and given how my mind lives in the gutter- in fact, sometimes I think the gutter is in my mind, but never mind. So I'm thinking a ladder is what... Continue Reading →

Nothing to report

I figure this old image has been seen by shrinking and giantess fans at least three million times. I live in the back, so I only spotted it a few days ago. Shirley you understand I had to sneak it in here and show it to y'all. I'm not sure if it's an ad, but... Continue Reading →

Daniel Nassoy's Views

I'm poking around my WordPress admin area, trying to find a blog theme that fulfills my every dream and does the laundry as well, but no luck so far. I also fiddled with my Firefox bookmarks during the weekend, and deleted a large number of them that I originally intended to use in collages. A... Continue Reading →

Some kind of cell phone genie

Maybe it's because I'm out-of-my-mind tired, but I find the above ad freaky. I found it online—the way I find dang near everything—at the Flickrs: Take the dog! Spare me! I don't like it but I'm posting it because I could have liked if only he would have a lower body, and would lose the... Continue Reading →

Sunsilk ads

This is such a cool Sunsilk ad campaign! Sure, there isn't a giantess or a shrunken man in it, but it's the idea of the slogan "Wash out your hair monsters" that makes me think of alternate scenarios. The images of the ladies dangling those little critters from their fingers' hold while considering them with... Continue Reading →

Hansaplast ads

Hansaplast is a brand of products for the treatment of wounds, injuries, insect bites, etc. I think it's originated in Germany. A few days ago I burned my hand in two places while taking food out of the oven, and the only bandages I have in my medicine cabinet are small strips. I was looking... Continue Reading →

PetitPlat by Stéphanie Kilgast

Saturday afternoon I was poking around at Flickr, looking for backgrounds as I do from time to time when I act as though I don't have hundreds of unfinished collages to work on before I continue accumulating material... when I found this adorable image. PetitPlat is the miniature work of Stéphanie Kilgast, tiny foodstuffs, dollhouse... Continue Reading →

Flickr cloning and a joke

I was scanning through some fickr images when I stumbled upon this image by Jeff the Trojan... ...and the joke that follows it. I hadn't heard it before and obviously I think the image is adorable despite the shadow work, so there's a paste. Incidentally, it adds to the joke that the creator of the... Continue Reading →

Weapons of mini destruction

I posted this at my old blog last year, so the "yesterday" I refer to below took place in June 2007. Original video found here. I don't often visit the ONION (America's Finest News Source), but yesterday I spotted the above as I was looking for another fake article. The idea of nuclear explosions isn't... Continue Reading →

Giant flip-flops!

While searching for an entirely unrelated subject (it's always something unrelated), I found this image. College-aged guys standing around wearing giant flip-flops, the context entirely unconnected, yet the image perfect for what it conjured in my mind. I'm not going to include the original link, as it belongs to a website for a political party... Continue Reading →

How does a little man eat his Reeses?

I'm going to repost something from my ex-blog, because I'm lazy... * * * * * Back when I spent some time looking for collaging material last year and during the beginning of this year, one of the image sources I chose was Flickr. I like to use those that members specify can be modified,... Continue Reading →

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