Two Words – the Twitter Edition – Part 2

How it happened… Over a year ago I tweeted the following: Days later I posted the first two-word entry. Naturally, I made haste to write the second part as soon as I could. Here it is, over a year later. The second volunteer, famous Bard to Giantesses and professional raconteur Aborigen, offered the following two words.... Continue Reading →

Two Words – the Twitter Edition – Part 1

How it happened… Some days ago I was all, "hey, Twitter, help out a giantess. I need one or more of you to give me two words for my Two Words blogging gimmick! Yes?" And Twitter was all, "OK." The first volunteer, chef to the Stars and producer of action-figure pron Nat Edgecomb, offered the... Continue Reading →

Two Words

I wrote this for my Two Words thread at GDC almost four years ago, and I'm reposting it as it is, however sorely tempted I am to edit it. The word provider was Mymiridion, who was new to the board back then. Sometimes I still miss that place, and all the little things (and little... Continue Reading →

Two Words

Well, you'd think that copying and pasting a few paragraphs would make posting these every Wednesday a bit easier. As it turns out, there's an insane level of busy that doesn't permit such simple blogging maneuvers. These two words were provided as part of the game by a giantess community member by the name of... Continue Reading →

Two Words

It's a game. I used to play it at my old blog in the way of entries, and at my favorite board as a thread. Possibly at other, conventional boards too, but if asked which ones I will deny it emphatically. It's certainly not a new idea, but back then I had not seen it... Continue Reading →

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