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I figure this old image has been seen by shrinking and giantess fans at least three million times. I live in the back, so I only spotted it a few days ago. Shirley you understand I had to sneak it in here and show it to y'all. I'm not sure if it's an ad, but... Continue Reading →

The Evil-Giantess Thing

I don't know, but I'll be working on a list to share here later. March 10, 2011 Evil - 1 a: morally reprehensible, sinful, wicked; 3 a: causing harm: pernicious. Two years ago I was in a certain mindset that allowed these thoughts to flow more freely. Now I have to sit here and ponder... Continue Reading →


You know it. Old blog repost. These four collages were the ones I liked the most back then, but now there are new images I enjoy from this excellent collager! There's a bit of a puzzle in the mini-scenes (there's a sequence of events in them, as they involve the same people), but I'm not... Continue Reading →


Old blog repost. Every once in a while, I think a shrunken man should be just as strong as a normal-sized man. Just for fun. Years ago, I used to amuse myself with visions of a small man, a two-inch-tall one, being strong enough to toss his lady love across a room, if she threw... Continue Reading →


It’s still Saturday, so that means… RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! Two years after posting this collage I don't have very much to say about this topic as I once did, and communicating anything about it will not reveal anything new. We all know punishing a tiny man or normal -sized people always amounts to foreplay; whatever... Continue Reading →

Faking more stuff…

Years ago I decided to play a word game at my old blog. There were rules, and basically it amounted to using any excuse to write about giantesses and shrunken men. I played it with another GDC blogger who goes by Little Squid around these parts, and I'd give him two words, daring him to... Continue Reading →

I'm whispering this so your ears won't explode

One of the things I enjoy about this here blog is the way I use it to channel my thoughts into lighter directions. I sit here and I would really like to type something enraged about the presidential campaign, and about religion, sexism, racism... and I probably will one day. Right now this is my... Continue Reading →

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