Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had a nice day today. I saw friends, I laughed, and I created. My mind is rushing with ideas I can't wait to bring into existence. Stories, drawings, and other kinds of creativity that connect with the woman I really am: the enormous woman that sees it all from here, and wants to rearrange... Continue Reading →


I've wanted to write something on the topic of lipstick for a very long time. A few days ago I decided it was time to do so, and it was time to draw something about it. Combine that with my love for handheld, kissing, gentle but inexorable advances, and this is the result. Lipstick

The ABCs Game – K is for Kisses

Good heavens (or bad ones in this case), I didn’t realize I wrote a blog entry with the same title about a decade ago. Oh, well… K is for Kisses. Again. At present I find myself only wanting to kiss someone tiny. That doesn’t mean I’d refuse to kiss a normal-sized man, but having only... Continue Reading →

Mouth Kiss

I have to be very specific with you because of your incredibly tiny brain. There are all kinds of kisses. Some are desirable, and others are the breakdown of your life. Yes, I see you in forensic terms sometimes, because you used to be a man, and now you are a stick of flesh I... Continue Reading →

The Love Program

She sat in front of the TV watching every channel come to life and then flicker away. This went on for a while until her pet robot tilted his head towards her, and did that staring thing that annoyed her a great deal. "Focus on channel surfing, Toy. Don't look at me." "Owner, I can... Continue Reading →


One day I'll write a blog entry titled "Adventures In Commissioning Art", but until I do, I'll say it's been a mixed bag. The above is something I love, taken from the depths of my heart and the deepest love I feel for that tiny man that I wish I had the power to shrink... Continue Reading →


Friday mornings were the worst. There should have been some forethought to easing into the weekend for government employees that had difficult jobs, but it didn't seem anyone had cared when legislation passed, and the Rehabilitation and Inclusion Policy was implemented. RIP, or Rest In Pieces as the opposition gleefully called it, was executed by various institutions... Continue Reading →


I first thought of creating a series of full-sized images a few weeks ago, when at Pixton, while looking at some comic creations and thinking of what to do next. This is a work of love. These images come from visions of how life would be if I shared my life with a two-inch tall... Continue Reading →

If you don’t love me now

"You will never love me." "I won't." "I am lovable." "You are, but that's not the way it works." "I'll make you love me." "You made me small, but you can't make me love you." "This is not turning out the way I thought it would." "What ever does?" "My cakes. My bread. My tomatoes.... Continue Reading →

Your Shrunken Life With Me

This comic strip idea started as a wish to see how many frames I could put together that followed the same idea. I could have kept going after the seventh one, but thought that was a good place to stop. There can always be future strips that depict various activities between a tiny man and... Continue Reading →

I’m busy, little guy.

I don’t know anyone that enjoys interruptions from an activity they are committed to complete, but I also don't know a single shrunken man that does not take pleasure in becoming an interruption every chance he gets. I'm not sure if it has something to do with asserting himself in any way he can after... Continue Reading →

Little Husband

It’s Saturday, so that means… RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! I collaged this for a Valentine's Day image contest at Giantess.com, along with a couple other images. I'd edit and change a lot of things about it now, but who has the time for that. This was my first half-sized-man collage, the kind I wasn't a big... Continue Reading →

Sweet Kiss

I collaged/wrote this last year instead of working on my NaNoWriMo story. Kinda like the way I'm writing and republishing this entry instead of doing chores. Well, until a minute from now. I'm done with my NaNo words for the day (although I'm still going to write again later), and feel cocky enough about my... Continue Reading →

Second Base

And he's not even wearing pants! Nor is she! What's the world coming to? Ah, young people and their fashions. I thought this collage would take me longer to churn out, since I didn't have one complete shrunken man element. I had to fashion him from three different images and various body parts I had... Continue Reading →

Half-Sized Man

Of the +140 collages I have made, this one is my least favorite. It did punctuate the beginning of my purposeful creation of images with half-sized men, which I had started enjoying because of the works of theth and trinket999. Before this July 2007 image, my only collage with a half-sized little guy had been... Continue Reading →

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