Inktober 2019 – 3

I really wanted to see how it felt to work with a comic layout and not use Pixton. I loved it. Planning each panel, figuring out the progress in each, and then putting it all together was a blast. It made me want to do it again, and I did. I also wanted to focus... Continue Reading →

My Millions ad

I was sitting here, pissed off because I couldn't find those old Lay's Singles potato chip commercials. Remember them? I saw them nine years ago, and I posted a blog entry about them, and now the YouTube links for them are dead, once again proving that when I publish a video, I have to actually... Continue Reading →

Minimiam is a website I found yesterday when I was doing a search for "shrunken men" but in Spanish. Minimiam, as I understand, means "mini yum" (I'm sure the vore folks will love that) (yes, we do), and it's a duo of food photographers that place miniatures on edibles in such interesting ways that one... Continue Reading →

MODS ads

  MODS is an image retouching or editing company in Sweden, and a few days ago I found their series of ads that show a very small worker altering images as though they provide third-dimensional interaction. He's small enough to enter what's classified as a micro, a man so reduced in size he's rendered difficult... Continue Reading →


Life gives you little moments, that's for sure. Tonight I was having dinner, and I spotted a fly zooming around the room. I'm disgusted by the idea of any bug going anywhere near what's taken for nourishment, so I set off to kill the filthy bug. I could not find it, but afterwards I was... Continue Reading →

Sweet Kiss

I collaged/wrote this last year instead of working on my NaNoWriMo story. Kinda like the way I'm writing and republishing this entry instead of doing chores. Well, until a minute from now. I'm done with my NaNo words for the day (although I'm still going to write again later), and feel cocky enough about my... Continue Reading →

Election Day

A shrunken man can be and do anything. That's part of what makes having these size-related fantasies so much fun. Sometimes I like to imagine I'm as tall as a country is wide. If a giantess were a country and she had a serious splinter problem, I think the tiny man she would elect for... Continue Reading →


No time! No time! I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date. I gotta type fast and then go. The same I did a gazillion other posts here (past and future) this is something I already shared in my old blog when I posted the iParticle image above. * * * I like what... Continue Reading →

Dial M For Micro

I'm tired and I don't feel much like typing, so I'll just slap on a collage and leave you with these few thoughts: I haven't encountered many artists that enjoy collaging shrunken men alone; that is, placed in an environment where they are interacting with objects, or with a part of the female body so... Continue Reading →

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