Chalk Line

You, down there, sprawled on the floor, probably know that clearly delineated line that separates pain from pleasure, as advertised by that Friday night feeling of Now You Get To Drink, and you know exactly how much you can drink before you get sick. Is it eight shots? Nine? Fourteen? Once I did four shots... Continue Reading →

The moon and the stars

If I could hold them in my hand I'd make them understand I'm not a haunted mind I'm not a thoughtless kind If I could put them in a jar I know they wouldn't scar I'd do it if I could I hope you know I would "Late At Night" - Buffalo Tom I've been... Continue Reading →

Clothed in galaxies

It's past midnight, and I should be asleep; but there's no way I can close my eyes and have nothing happen, so I'm sitting here having a lunch of ale, ice cream, and aspirin; rewatching a certain episode of a certain TV series about people that no longer have a pulse; forcing myself to write. I... Continue Reading →


I think ultra giantesses get a bum rap. I've read arguments at the boards about interaction, and how it becomes increasingly difficult as the giantess rises in height. While such concern for realism is touching, I'm going to have to say that the very moment one begins to fantasize about beings of drastically different sizes,... Continue Reading →

Wake up!

I don't know why they must awaken. Tomorrow is only a few steps away for ultra giantesses that are many miles tall, and yesterday is a walk back and around a patch of darkness only sprinkled with manmade light they either target or avoid. I've always enjoyed imagining giant friends with whom I can be... Continue Reading →

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