Happy National Limerick Day!

I can invent a size holiday out of thin air, but today there's no need to do that because it's actually National Limerick Day.  The only limericks that matter to me are size ones, so I'm celebrating the day by writing a few of those fun, silly poems, and by imagining I have a tiny... Continue Reading →

Happy Vore Day!

I found out about Vore Day the year before last, or maybe I knew about it before, but I hadn't applied my brand of consumption to it. I've joked about those crazy vore people almost for as long as I've been online, but only because the subtext is that I'm one of them. There is one marked... Continue Reading →

Hold On

And don’t let go..I said something out loud, something dangerous Something she intentionally misconstrued The way she loves to do She said, "Okay, if that's what you want..." And then she drank, and made me drink And then she sat on me Suddenly Without warning Without a thought about my size She hid me from... Continue Reading →

Wriggle Room

I’m having a bad day I’m having a bad week The entire month is bad This is why I shrank you And bound you to my panties I’ve kept you there for months Stitched thread around your ankles and wrists Tight loops that kept you firmly in place Today I’ll allow you more freedom Wriggle... Continue Reading →


Once, somewhere not here But a real place There was a tiny man, as small as a toy He was good​ and smart He lived in a house that looks like mine But it's not mine But it's a real place A good place And in that house lived a woman She's not me But... Continue Reading →

Where it ends

My optical drive is misbehaving Like everything in my life Except for my son and my cat So I fix it Because a giantess doesn't only break things She builds and she grows and she goes on She moves on and leaves the past behind Burning bridges with a smile Like the one I formed... Continue Reading →

For Sale

Alone, you stand in that glass cage a price on your head and on the rest of your body your gaze lost to the rest of the world turned inward to some safe place because outside you’re for sale clearance-priced flesh a segregate, a cast-off unsuccessful, returned for a refund, unwanted But here I stand... Continue Reading →

I win

The house where you live The size of a die to me Snake eyes for windows My feet cracking the asphalt on your street I win Did you think I would not find you? That I would not cross the distance? I'll play the game I'll lift your house and I'll roll your house I'll... Continue Reading →


And so you shrank me And left me here Alone with you Who gets to sleep So I get up from between your sheets or panties or feet And I climb down the side of that mountain you insist on calling bed And I spit in your food Just a drop or two And so... Continue Reading →

The Good Part

Isn't it fun? When someone borrows something you put together? When you collage an image of something you love, and someone sees fit to use it for expressing their ideas about a world tiny in their eyes? It's pretty awesome. The above image is mine. I created it from images I found on Google. Of... Continue Reading →


I was at a bus stop The kind that crumbles in the sun, even though it has a cover for shade When she sat next to me And started talking At first I didn’t respond Because sometimes, if you don’t respond, they go away But then she said, “They don’t have hearts.” I asked, “Who... Continue Reading →

Undertoy – 2

This is the second image of this series, now accompanied by poetry unencumbered by rules, and possibly direction. Not the straightforward language I love in Bukowski's works, but how can anyone expect clearheadedness from a tiny man who experiences the daily questions, the constant attention of a giantess who wants to know his every thought?... Continue Reading →


I did this to you I made you what you really are And I love it I told you I would I warned you “I will shrink you,” I said And you laughed “Prove it, show me.” And I did Now come out of there Seek out the light from that pile of clothes You... Continue Reading →

Signs of a Happy Valentine's Day

I was going to write a poem to go with this, perhaps some other time. In the meantime, pretend this is a poem though nothing in it rhymes. Have a happy Valentine's Day may you spend it in her shoe. The above is a bathroom sign for ladies taller than you. They need a special... Continue Reading →

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