Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I wrote a slightly different version of this poem three holiday seasons ago, and posted it at Giantess.com, on a Happy Thanksgiving! thread. I remember laughing a great deal when I wrote it. I enjoyed coming up with images such as these that include members of the board I visited spending holidays together in a... Continue Reading →

Tender Leg Hug

Thank goodness for sepia layer styles to the rescue. Male flesh alert. If you are allergic to male flesh, please take appropriate antihistamines, wear eye shields, have your fainting powders at hand, and so on. * * * Don’t go I will do anything I will be smaller Do you feel how small I am?... Continue Reading →


One day last year I was in a bad mood, and reading Charles Bukowski's poems. Both factors combined like baking soda and vinegar, producing this high-school science fair-like mental gurgitation. I'm reposting it now because I'm awake, this one being the third night in a row I wake up right after the middle of the... Continue Reading →

A Story of Old

There once was a woman as tall as a mountain She came from a place where warmth was abundant Her kin and her friends knew a difference in her To see treasures in smallness caused a great stir "What do you see in things so insignificant? Look around you, dear girl; look up. You are... Continue Reading →

The way I see my little guy

I wrote this over a year ago for my old blog. Some days I think it's a pile of crap, but most of the time I like it, even if it's about someone that doesn't exist. * * * Size does not determine power. That has never changed for me. The man I imagine has... Continue Reading →


So I'm minding my own business while reading the newspaper, when I pick up the entertainment section, usually filled with fluff about movies I don't want to go see, and plays I'll never attend, when my eyes slam against this perfectly innocent image above an article about a local dancing group, Terpsicorps. Unlike president Bush,... Continue Reading →

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