These are some Infrequently Asked Questions and their corresponding answers. Actually, no one’s ever asked me these questions before, but I enjoy just-in-case scenarios that present me with an excuse to write.

Who are you?

I go by Undersquid. When I visited giantess websites my user name was “Shrinking Violet”. I don’t use that name anymore.

Why don’t you use that name anymore? Wouldn’t it make it easier for your three fans to recognize you?

It’s not original enough, and I didn’t think of it. It doesn’t quite convey the meaning it has for me, because it already has the well-known meaning of being shy. “Hug The Undersquid” is all me.

What does “hug the Undersquid” mean?

You know what an underdog is, the loser or predicted loser, a victim of sorts. Years ago I was feeling at a disadvantage about a situation, and I wrote something with the word “underdog” in it. When recycling that idea I wasn’t about to call myself a dog. What woman would? So I picked my favorite animal, the squid, and I came up with the name for my blog.

The hug part comes in because I was raised on hugs, and I think they are wonderful.

The “or else” bit relate to my penchant for facetious empty threats, both in real life and in my fantasies.

It’s quite likely the most ungiantessesque name I could have picked for my blog, but that’s the way I like it.

What are you doing at WordPress?

I wanted to create a blog where I could share some of my collages. I love to hear myself type, so I wanted to share whatever thoughts came to mind as well.

Why would you do something like that?

Because my other blog shut down, the one I used to have at Giantess.com.

Duh. You deleted its content, and what did you expect? That it would simply wait for you forever, until you decided it was time to blog about this stuff again? Weirdo.

Is that a question?

Er, no. How many times are you going to mention Giantess.com in your blog? Do you enjoy living in the past?

42, and yes.

What’s with all this giantess stuff anyway?

Actually, it’s Shrunken Man stuff-

Oh, really? Do you see any “Shrunken Man” websites anywhere?

Well, no, but-


No, not really-

ShrunkenMan.net, or a Wikipedia entry? Galleries ? A board? Any mention of it anywhere?

Shush, you. I know how things work on the Internet, at least for now. For many weeks I looked for a website to explain the thoughts in my head, and nothing! It wasn’t until I “reverse engineered” my searches from a male perspective that I found the boards and material.

That’s because women don’t have fetishes, and never like to look at pictures of naughty stuff on the Internet.

Wrong. So wrong.

What’s this giantess thing anyway?

Some days it’s easier to put it into words. Giant beings—and tiny ones too—make for really interesting material to read about when we are kids and when we are grown as well. You’ve heard that to be human is to be an explorer. We can’t help but want to know what’s out there.

I also see every day that we are unable to stop ourselves from telling stories. The way human imagination translates into fiction for all ages is one of the biggest reasons I think if aliens ever invade Earth, they’ll be unwilling to destroy us. You know the old movie line, “You are capable of such terrible things, and such beautiful things too…”.

So there you have the human mind, and there you also have human sex, and those two go together like a wink and a smile. Somewhere along the life line of some people, those giant or tiny people we see in cartoons or movies or story books become sexually arousing.

That sounds really weird. Don’t you feel sick or weird or crazy?

I sure did in the beginning. I thought I was losing my mind, to think about a little two-inch-tall guy in that dirty, naughty way. I also thought what I pictured in my mind was wonderful. That’s why I started searching the Internet for information, to see if anyone else was going through anything similar. I had already seen giantess collages, the really tame kind, and I had no idea they were being created with sexual thoughts in mind. I imagined people were having fun with those images as when they collaged robots, or painted elves, or wrote Star-Wars fan fic. I had no clue anyone would ever sit and stare at such images while… ulterior motiving.

So you don’t think giantesses are hot?

Not directly. Not much hotness there for me, unless I imagine I’m the giantess. Then it’s a different deal.

How did you figure out in what way people were thinking of giantesses?

In a “stroke of genius”, I added the word fetish to my Internet searches, and replaced tiny man with giantess. When I found the boards and galleries, I saw that what I was beginning to suspect was true, that the whole giantess thing was sexual in nature, and that I wasn’t going crazy. I also realized I had been entirely wrong when I thought there would be hundreds of other women discussing their passion for little men, as the majority of people in the community are men.

I bet that made you uncomfortable.

No. I started posting at a very quiet board that is now extinct. Then I moved on to Giantess.com, and there I stayed until it closed its doors as well. The company was wonderful, and I had a blast there.

Where do you go now?

I sometimes visit GiantessCity.com, but seldom post there. I’m mostly on Twitter now, which is something I would have never imagined saying only a few months ago. And I also get my shrunken-man freak on here, at my blog.

Don’t you think you should keep all this stuff to yourself? Didn’t your mom ever teach you sex is a dirty, nasty, disgusting thing, and you should save it for someone you love, and not a blog anyone can read?

No, I don’t think I should keep all this to myself. The times women were taught their sexuality was predicated by men’s is over. The times girls went to their wedding night after being told to always just “lay there until he’s done” are gone. Now, with that soapbox out of the way, I’ll say that I do keep most of “this stuff” to myself. My blog is pretty tame compared to others, and that’s the way I like it.

I used to believe in sharing what’s really personal, intimate, the true nature of my thoughts with someone real in my life, a significant other. I used to save the dirty, nasty details for that person. Now that there isn’t anyone in real life with whom I share this, I feel more inclined to be explicit here. The day I use extremely naughty words and describe passionate scenes between a woman and her shrunken toy may never come, but I love to write, and that’s a big reason this blog exists. I like to tell a story every chance I get.

If you like telling stories, then why don’t you do just that? Why collage about it too?

Collaging is a way of telling a story. Years ago I viewed collages largely as a waste of time. The only reason I thought that way is that the collages I was viewing didn’t show what I liked. There were tons of giantesses next to buildings, giantesses attacking people, etc. That kind of material appeals to many people, but it didn’t hit the core of what I love.

It wasn’t until I saw some MaXx collages that I felt curious about the technical aspect of collaging, since he was tremendously good with detail and realism. After bitching to myself about most of the work I was seeing, I told myself if I really felt that way about it, then why not come up with my own material?

By then I was also creating my own avatars at giantess sites, using freeware which produced inferior results. I spent $20.00 on Photoshop Elements 2 for Mac, and my perspective on collaging changed entirely.

It’s nice that you come up with your own material, but can your readers make requests for collages or posts about the things they like, and not this tame fluff you share?

I’ve yet to receive a request to collage or blog about something I enjoy. When I do, I’ll be more than happy to consider it. Otherwise I’m only going to blog about whatever I want, and nothing else.

That’s so selfish.

That’s me. Selfish and self-centered.

15 thoughts on “IAQ

Add yours

  1. So glad you brought your blog back. The day you removed it from giantess.com my little heart broke.

    But I must ask, where is your post about the history of shoes?

    Hug :-)


  2. Hi Pedro, and thank you! I’m glad I brought my blog back, even though the time I took off from journaling my thoughts seemed to be something I needed back then.

    I’m sorry if my doing so caused any cardiovascular irregularities. :) And it’s nice that you remember my post about the history of shoes!

    There are some entries I have saved for reediting, and that is one of them. In the beginning I planned for it to be a much longer, more detailed bit of writing, which would also include some illustrations. My plan is to republish it once it becomes what I originally envisioned.

    Ah, yes. You have hugged the Undersquid. You will be spared. :lol:


  3. Hi!

    Just wished to compliment you on your blog and in particular some of your excellent collages; one that stands out to me is the Hugh Jackman one – it is sensational! Love the unique perspective.

    Great work, thanks for sharing it.


    1. Hi e10!

      Thank you very much. A different perspective is exactly what I was looking for.

      I’ve seen your work, and I have to say you create fantastic images, many of them using a point of view not often seen in giantess collages, so great work right back at you. :)


  4. Great stuff here, though I am reading your blog chronologically backwards.

    You can make me 2 inches any time you want (or even smallllllllllller)


    1. Hi SlowShrinker, and thank you. :)

      Two inches is such a great height, isn’t it? Smaller as well, and there are various ranges of a taller size I also like, but there’s something almost sine qua non-ish about those two inches.


      1. Wait… is it me? No I guess not, that was just my hope factor kicking in. Would be kind of interesting to find myself trapped in a box with a clear plastic front to it. Seeing you reaching for me. Maybe sometime soon?


  5. just wanna say that i’ve been a quiet fan of the GTS paraphilia for a while and i must say you are by far the best writer in the community that i’ve yet to come across. your blog is an oasis and i wish you updated it more frequently/with more substantial posts.

    i’d be your tiny any day.


    1. Thank you anon. I really appreciate what you’ve said to me here. I would like to update it more often (or less seldom) than I do now, but at the moment it isn’t possible.

      Please wish you’d be my tiny on good days. I have bad ones too! :lol:


      1. you’re very welcome. and i’d be yours regardless, your temperament notwithstanding. just be patient with me, i can only do so much when the fear of being squashed/reprimanded in some other way is ever-present.


  6. All I can say is “what in the world took me so long to ‘discover’ this blog?!”.

    Wonderful, heady stuff, and so refreshing to hear it from the Giantess’ perspective. As a writer with a small-but-devoted fanbase (numerically, not size-wise!), I often get tired of, as You termed it, “hearing myself type”, so I extend my tiny hand in a hearty salute to You, m’Lady.

    Rock on!

    Now, I gotta go get my shrink on…

    Ciao for now —



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