Explorer II

Once upon a time, when I was around eleven years old, I was in my room, reading in bed instead of sleeping. I did that frequently. This time was different from any other time because as I lay there with a book in my hands, I saw movement on the floor out of the corner... Continue Reading →

Adventures in collaging: example files

The two images that accompany this entry are extremely low-res, and for a reason. Back when I had the old blog at Giantess.com, there was a series of entries I began to develop titled, "Adventures in collaging". In the two that I was able to post I discussed a couple of collaging aspects: splashes (as... Continue Reading →

10 things I hate about them

The above trash is something I put together to illustrate my ten points. It's meant to look terrible, and it doesn't look much different from some of the things I've seen out there that try to pass for collages, but it's far better than the worst I've witnessed. Here's some itemized vitriol aimed at those... Continue Reading →

Temptation (and more about eye contact in collages…)

One of the things I like the most about collages is eye contact between the little man and the tall woman in it. The easiest way to obtain it is to use source material that already includes a meeting glance between male and female elements. So that makes it the hardest thing to do. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Half-Sized Man

Of the +140 collages I have made, this one is my least favorite. It did punctuate the beginning of my purposeful creation of images with half-sized men, which I had started enjoying because of the works of theth and trinket999. Before this July 2007 image, my only collage with a half-sized little guy had been... Continue Reading →

Eye contact in collages…

I'm sure I'll belabor this aspect of collaging again in the future, and when I do you'll smile, back away slowly, and perkily announce as you run away: "Yeah. I care about that a lot. A very important issue. Something should be done about it. Every time an artist shares a collage where eye contact is... Continue Reading →

Some Kind of Theme Month

There used to be this giantess board owned by a man we called Oz—Giantess.com was the name of it—where I'd visit and upload my collages. It had an image gallery, a very organized method of displaying images that didn't involve the mess of sharing images via forum posts. I liked the design, and I had... Continue Reading →

Between a rock and a high place

Yeah, so it's either posting a collage, or discussing Sarah Palin at length. I have better things to do with my life than to engage in the latter.* It seems funny to me that the original image for this collage seems—in my mind—the unnatural one, as though it's a capture of forced perspective, and the... Continue Reading →

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