Craigslist: a pet looking for a home

I've missed creating these, and its time to get back to having fun with fake ads, so here's the next one. And no one answer this ad but me. I want this little guy! And this is a sort of background information on something I'll write based on a story idea by my little guy Hopier,... Continue Reading →

I could have been doing this all along

I could have gone up to the roof of any local building, and I could have been taking pictures of myself, just positioned so as to appear gigantically close to the buildings behind me. It's not a perfect illusion, but it works for me. Sadly*, I live in a small town that only has about... Continue Reading →

Choke, revisited

Remember this? Of course you do, if you have tattooed every one of my posts on your forehead. But you haven't, so I'll just tell you that, years ago, when I saw the movie poster for Choke, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to create a fake movie poster. I think that's what this,... Continue Reading →

Happy Mother's Day!

Were-rabbit my @$$. What? You know you thought about it too. Bring us the size-different claymation porn, film industry! I'll be back later to delete these terribly crass words and compose a sensible message. In the meantime, call your mother. :) (A week later...) As it turns out, I won't be deleting any words from... Continue Reading →


I was poking around the Series of Tubes looking for sexy ads with shrunken men in them, and instead I found something* about relationships that made me roll my eyes. and then imagine my own, as I often do. So I saved it, made a series of spectacular improvements, and now I present it to... Continue Reading →

Norma Shearer and my 10,000th visitor

According to my sources, earlier this afternoon I received my 10,000th visitor, and days ago I finished the Norma Shearer collage above. I love old movies, but I can't recall ever watching any with her. I will have to change that soon, but when I uploaded the image I decided I would discover a connection... Continue Reading →

PetitPlat by Stéphanie Kilgast

Saturday afternoon I was poking around at Flickr, looking for backgrounds as I do from time to time when I act as though I don't have hundreds of unfinished collages to work on before I continue accumulating material... when I found this adorable image. PetitPlat is the miniature work of Stéphanie Kilgast, tiny foodstuffs, dollhouse... Continue Reading →

Flash and Moon

And I don't think you have to ask who's Flash and who's Moon. This is their story, also kind of a song. You know the one. Mmm mmm mmm mmm. Once there was this woman who grew very tall one day and couldn't fit inside her home anymore And when she finally came to terms... Continue Reading →

He's My Tiny

A repost from my old blog. Lesley Gore performed songs that were hits before my time, but made their way into the soundtracks of '80s movies I watched and liked. Four years ago, in December of 2004, I must have been watching Sixteen Candles or some other such movie when I thought of changing the... Continue Reading →

Faking more stuff…

Years ago I decided to play a word game at my old blog. There were rules, and basically it amounted to using any excuse to write about giantesses and shrunken men. I played it with another GDC blogger who goes by Little Squid around these parts, and I'd give him two words, daring him to... Continue Reading →

Weapons of mini destruction

I posted this at my old blog last year, so the "yesterday" I refer to below took place in June 2007. Original video found here. I don't often visit the ONION (America's Finest News Source), but yesterday I spotted the above as I was looking for another fake article. The idea of nuclear explosions isn't... Continue Reading →

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