A giant cat for a giant woman

When I found this image of a cat looking up at a flock of birds, I thought it was adorable, and I saved it. I thought it would make for a great lolz giantess image. The perspective makes me imagine it's a giant kitty, one that follows the earth-shattering footsteps of her owner everywhere she... Continue Reading →

Bcuz SMs can LOLZ 2

"Bsydz, She lef me in charch dis tiem." "Meow." "No u cant teik me, ai haz mor street smartz dan u!" "Meow!" "U don haz de gutz!" "Meoowww." "We not openin de dor for dogees an das final! Dey lookz oafuly suspeeshus 2 me. * * * P.S. The above captions and dialogue are not... Continue Reading →


Believe it or not, there are people out there in the world that don't know about Lolcats. I think most of us that are owned by cats or are close to someone that is had by a cat are familiar with this Internet source of humor that involves pictures of cats (or other animals) and... Continue Reading →

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