When Toys Cry

Dig if you will the picture Of you and I engaged in a kiss Your lips and your body cover me Can you, my darling Can you picture this? Dream, in your hand, a glass jar In it, my body bruised blue I see your face, curious, closest I feel the heat The heat between... Continue Reading →


I was listening to "Broken" by Depeche Mode for the millionth time, when it came to me that I should change the lyrics to suit my giant thoughts about shrinking that very special little man in my world, Hopier... so here they are. Shrunken I want all the control And almost no pain How much... Continue Reading →

Should Be Higher

Here I sit, listening to my old external drive whirring as it bestows upon this new Mac my old, beloved GTS and iTunes files. There is some trash among the treasures... I was wincing as I reread some of my super early cyber sex ventures. I was ridiculous. Now I'm awesome (or would be if... Continue Reading →

He's My Tiny

A repost from my old blog. Lesley Gore performed songs that were hits before my time, but made their way into the soundtracks of '80s movies I watched and liked. Four years ago, in December of 2004, I must have been watching Sixteen Candles or some other such movie when I thought of changing the... Continue Reading →

Shrinking Him

It’s Saturday, so that means… RANDOM COLLAGE TIME! Sing with me now: Making him tiny and watching him dwindle; Seeing his fear as his passion is kindled; Soft skin that tingles as it slowly shrinks; These are a few of my favorite things. Or... Growing gigantic, becoming far taller; Seeing my love and his pants... Continue Reading →

Stay Cool, Boy

I put this entry up on my old blog last summer, probably about a year ago, during one of those extra hot days. I find hot weather much more pleasant this year, and that's one mental shift I don't quite get. Years past I've bellyached incessantly about how hot it is, and how uncomfortable the... Continue Reading →

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