The reason behind this poll is secret and the entire future of everything depends on the answers. All questions appear innocent in nature but behind them lies a tremendous purpose. This crucial poll is designed to register devices but not IP addresses, so you'll only be able to answer it once from wherever you are.... Continue Reading →


I’ve thought about the matter of consent many times, and in many ways. You, my readers, pretending you can’t read the neon signs between the lines, have also asked me what I think about consent. I’d started creating a poll on my SurveyMonkey account, but abandoned it as I got busy doing other things. It’s... Continue Reading →

Toy or no toy? That is the question.

Why would I assert such a thing? 1. Throughout the years I have heard and read many opinions on the matter of size fantasies. A few people think it's weird, even revolting, but many find it interesting, and are open to the idea of a giantess / shrunken man having [sexual] appeal. 2. Even among... Continue Reading →

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