She stood alone in the kitchen of her small apartment, feeling the cold seeping up and into her feet from the tile floors, through the gel floor pad. Its give did nothing to comfort her, because the ache didn’t come from her feet; it was in her heart. She thought of his words the previous... Continue Reading →

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I had a nice Thanksgiving Day, and I hope you did as well. I ate everything on my plate, which you see above, and then I had a bit of pie. I was in terrible pain, but what else is that food there for, if not to hurt you? I remember my first Thanksgiving Day... Continue Reading →

The ABCs Game – B is for Brownies

B is for Brownies. I published this recipe on my old blog about eighteen months ago. I only have a few old ABCs entries left to publish, and playing the game—even if only by myself—means I will be following the order of the letters of the alphabet from this point on when I create new entries... Continue Reading →

Well-Guarded Walnut Raisin Cookies

I baked these a couple of night ago. I got sixty units out of the mix, which is a scant serving for a giantess and a lifetime supply for a shrunken man. Either way, they are delicious, and I don't feel the lack of oatmeal one bit. Raisin Walnut Cookies Ingredients 2 1/2 cups all-purpose... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Salty Balls

This is a collage I worked on last year, partly to acknowledge a very good story I had just read, written by Canuck, who's given me permission to share it here. I'm sure many of you have read it, but here it is anyway. Venus Attacks! by Canuck How does my collage relate to the... Continue Reading →

Let's pretend you want to stop eating meat

If you would just stop screaming I would explain that I only want to share a delicious recipe. See, I have nothing against the death of another living creature so I may roast, boil, fry it, and eat it. When I was six years old I had a pet chicken (the sort that you get... Continue Reading →

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