Tiny Commando – 2 Tiny 2 Furious – 1 & 2

Tiny Commando Ep.2 - 2 Tiny 2 Furious A few days ago I was chillaxing and Twitting, when world-famous TV host and Hollywood star┬ápocketsized man twitted a link for Tiny Commando, 2 Tiny 2 Furious, episode 1. As I'd been out of the giantess loop for years, I'd not heard of it. Naturally I shrieked... Continue Reading →

Tiny Commando – Piece of Cake – 1 & 2

Tiny Commando Ep.1 Piece Of Cake (Part 1) Tiny Commando Ep.1 - Piece Of Cake (Part 2) I'm loving this series. I'm considering pinching myself, to see if I wake up. I can't believe it's real! I can't believe people out there are creating shorts in which the main character is a shrunken man, and... Continue Reading →

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