The Colonel

“Some objects that catch Baisden’s attention are in closets, which she finds full of mystery and intrigue.

‘My husband’s closet, for example, is a wellspring of subject matter, reflecting his personality as a retired military officer. One day, his bathrobe was hanging “at attention” in the closet doorway, supported by the cramped contents inside. In The Colonel, I wanted the composition to suggest a figure replete with shoes but without a head, so I arranged his military hat on the top shelf to suggest a head. I was able to incorporate his personality easily into the composition’.”

All I can say is: file cabinets in the closet! I remember when I was a child, I would constantly move my furniture around in my room… about once a week. Once I made my closet the headboard for my bed, which greatly displeased my parents. I liked it, though.

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